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Comparison Of The Visitor Profile Of 3 Sources Markets Visiting Hk

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Hong Kong as a multicultural city attracts a lot of visitors from all round the world. It is important for us to know that travelers usually will consider the geographic distance and cultural distance when traveling to one place to another. Then we can accurately plan out suitable market strategy targeting them when they visit HK. It can be proved that “how far people travel represents the end result of a series of other deterministic variables, including time availability, amount of discretionary income, costs of travel and willingness to enter a culturally different environment.” (Crouch, 1994)

Definition of Distance Decay
The theory argues that demand for tourism varies ...view middle of the document...

Compare to Canada, Japanese had 4% more in female which made the percentage rise up to 54%. As Japanese shared similar fashion trend with Hong Kong, more women like to visit Hong Kong for the inexpensive fashion products.

Moreover, among the age group between 26-35, 23% of graduates from Canada and 24% from UK have the eagerness visiting Hong Kong, mainly it is because provide them the chance to broaden their horizon by traveling all round the world without any worries. However, Japanese have the highest percentage of 29% visited Hong Kong during 2008. It demonstrated Japanese in that age group have a higher purchasing power comparing to other age groups. They are more willing to spend money here in Hong Kong. Students from Japan take a short period time to travel to Hong Kong compared to Canadians and UK people.

Canadians (69%) and people in UK (50%) reached the education of college or university level. They tend to choose Asian places in their destination selection because their income is enough to provide them a comfortable and relaxing place for vacation. Furthermore, in 1986, O’ Leary et al. (as cited in Moutinho & Trimble, 1991) noted that generally, with high education, income, males and those with professional or managerial occupation traveled the farthest. Japanese also had 50% of their citizen that reached the education level of college and university.

Trip Details
69% of Canadian tourists came for less than three nights. Whereas for UK tourists, 62% only stay for three nights or less. Japan has the largest percentage of 87 of tourists stay for less than three nights comparing to the other two countries. Long haul visitors only consider Hong Kong as one of their destination, while short haul visitors will stay longer as it is only destination for them. As a distance from an origin increases, a likelihood of people making multi-destination trips increases. However, for those short haul visitors such as from nearby markets, they only view it as a short break and for a single destination (McKercher 2001).

Visitors from Canada and UK have the percentage of 50 and 52 traveling to Hong Kong with their spouse respectively. However, 16% Japanese prefer traveling with their children or grandparents, which is higher than the two American and European countries. Westerners usually have a big family, so it is costly and inconvenience for all of them to travel away from their home country. Contrastly, Asians emphasizes a lot on family values so they mostly travel with children and/or parents and grandparents represent a larger share of Asian travel markets. Then it clearly demonstrates the idea of...

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