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Comparrision Of Gender Roles Essay

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Running Head: COMPARISON

Comparison of Gender Roles
Ben Boice
Marion Technical College
October 31, 2013
Gender Studies

Stay at home mom, career woman, stay at home dad, and bread winner are all titles that are used in both the United States and Japan. In both society’s the gender roles are established at a very young age and continue through adulthood. Although both society’s use some of the same titles there are some differences with in the gender roles. In Japan the term house wife is not associated as being negative where as some in the United States link it with a negative stereotype. In both societies the gender roles were passed down from generation to generation.
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This is dependent on the amount of time between jobs. Majority of men in the United States and Japan are more reluctant to admit that they are stay at home dads due to the negative connotation that is attached. It is not an acceptable role for a man in these societies for some. In Japan the women is said to be a disgrace to her family, despite the society adopting a more western culture approach to gender roles, leading to stress on the woman and family from others in society. As for the men in Japan being a stay at home dad is not an option as the family still beliefs in the honor of the family is held solely by the husband and his job. Others in these societies are not as judgmental on this role.
Some of the other people in these societies do not view this being a disgrace or having a negative connotation attached. In Japan the society is adopting a more western type of society and is progressing away from the society established gender roles of old. In the United States since the civil rights movement in the 1960’s it has been a slow transition from stay at home moms to stay at home dads. As more and more women...

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