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Competence And Performance Essay

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Firstly, the concept of language learning and acquisition will aid our resolution of the conclusion. Language acquisition tends to be the first and immediate language of the people. The first language (L1) is the language a child acquires first in his/her attempt to communicate with his surroundings.
Psychologists in conjunction with the neuro-linguists who study the language in the brain believed that when a child is born, its mind is blank and empty but whatever the immediate people process or say to the child is what the child will re-echo. Therefore, I strongly believed that English Language will be the child’s mother tongue (L1) ...view middle of the document...

First and foremost, the child’s MT is Yoruba Language, even if after learning part of the MT and he/she leaves for other land no matter the donkey years, there is certainty and high tendency to still be able to speak the L1 when he/she returns to the father’s land, though it may take time depending on the child’s language acquisition device’s (LAD’s) effectiveness which will determine how easy it will be.
Secondly, the child’s linguistic situation will accompany with language barrier or interference whereby the L1 may have superiority over L2 or L2 having superiority over L1 depending on how effectively he/she has masterfully understood the concept on the language of her choice.
The implication of the language interference may impede the speaker from language competence, performance and proficiency because the child may be confused sometime on either of the languages of the communication that he/she should adopt when interacting with his/her friends.
In conclusion, the child’s linguistic situation will be determined by nature, that is, the in-born traits and the nurture meaning the environment which tends to sharpen one’s civilisation and orientation. If the child returns to his/her father’s land, with the aid of LAD, the child can still speak his/her MT, it is just a matter of time as his/her accent begins to change depending on the environment.

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