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Competency Level Essay

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This research deals on the common factors that affect the study of Benjamin B. Esguerra Memorial National High School in Taytay, Rizal in Grade 9 students during academic year 2015- 2016 in their Physical Education Subject. These factors are the problem of the grade 9 students in their performance. Grade 9 Students in their Physical Education Class. It has been so many factors like Skill, Knowledge, Physical Aspect, age, social status and etc.
This research focuses on the factors that affect the student performance in PE of BBEMNHS Grade 9 students and their PE performance. These factors can help students on how to face these problems in their studies. This study also can help the parents and the teachers understand the problem of their students. 

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In addition, the Teacher do prepare the learners for future to have productive level of knowledge.
The teaching is a set of skills, values, beliefs, and practice to make outcomes into the student is valuable.

Review the related Study
Foreign literature
Local Literature
Foreign Study
Local Study
Statement of the Problem
The main goal of this research is to identify the Factors Affecting the Outcome of the Student in their Performance in Physical Education in Benjamin B. Esguerra Memorial National High School, Taytay, Rizal, in Grade 9 during school-year 2015-2016.
What is the demographic profile of the Student in terms of:
1.1 Sex;
1.2 Age;
* 1.3 Gender
2. What are the common factors that affect students’ performance outcome?
3. Is there a significant relationship between the common factors affecting the students and their P.E performance?
4. What are the common factors that comes from the teacher that affects the students performance outcomes?
Significance of the study
Furthermore, this research helps us as a future teacher because if we know the problem of our students we can understand them clearly especially on environmental aspect. 
Theoretical Framework
One of the problems that besets our educational system is poor study habits several studies found this problem challenging and therefore, efforts have to be exerted in order to determine the root cause. According to Lass and Wilson(1965), students fails not because they do not have intelligence to understand why they are studying, not because their lesson are too difficult for them but because they do not know how to study or understand what study means. Students failure in his academic subject may not be to lack of Psychomotor capacity, but perhaps it may be due to negative attitude towards school or study or his not able to posses good and efficient study habits.   
Conceptual Framework
Scope and delimitation
Definition of terms

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