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Competency Review

648 words - 3 pages

How to carry out Constractor competency review

3.0 Health and safety policy and organisation for health and safety
3.1 Please provide current signed copy of the company policy 4 3
2 1
3.2 Please provide name and position of person within company
who is responsible for Health and Safety. 4 3
2 1

4.0 Arrangements

4.1 Please give details of Company structure for health and safety
management. 4 3
2 1
4.2 Describe how the company will discharge their duties under
CDM 2007. 4 3
2 1
4.4 How is the company policy and arrangements for health and
safety management communicated to the workforce? 4 3
2 1

5.0 Competent advice – corporate and construction related

5.1 Do you have a Health and Safety Advisor within the
company? (include qualifications and experience). 4 3
2 1
5.2 Do you employ Health and Safety consultants?
(include qualifications and ...view middle of the document...

2 Provide details of all holders of a construction health and safety assessment. (For example the CITB, CCNSG, etc). 4 3
2 1

8.0 Monitoring, audit and review

8.1 Describe your system for monitoring your procedures, for
auditing at periodic intervals and for reviewing them. 4 3
2 1
8.2 Provide evidence of recent monitoring and management
response. 4 3
2 1

9.0 Workforce involvement

9.1 Provide evidence of consultation of health and safety
matters with your workforce. 4 3
2 1

10.0 Accident reporting and enforcement action, follow up investigation

10.1 Describe and provide evidence of the way in which you
record and investigate accidents and incidents. 4 3
2 1
10.2 Provide records of the last two accidents/incidents and action taken to prevent a recurrence.
4 3
2 1
10.3 Please give details of any enforcement action taken by the Health and Safety Executive within the last five years. 4 3
2 1

11.0 Sub-contracting/consulting procedures

11.1 Provide evidence including examples showing how you
ensure sub-contractors are competent. 4 3
2 1
11.2 Provide evidence showing how you require similar standards of competence assessment from sub-contractors. 4 3
2 1
11.3 Provide evidence how you monitor sub-contractor
performance. 4 3
2 1

12.0 Elimination of hazards and risk reduction
12.1 Describe how, when carrying out design work, hazards and risks in the construction and future use of the structure are identified and measures taken to eliminate or reduce them 4 3
2 1
12.2 Provide t evidence of information provided to others about any significant risk associated with the design. 4 3
2 1

13.0 Co-operating with others and co-ordinating your work with that of other contractors
13.1 Describe and provide evidence of what procedures you
have in place to ensure co-operation and co-ordination with
others to improve the way in which risks are managed and
controlled 4 3
2 1

14.0 Work experience

14.1 Provide a list of recent projects of a similar nature to those
to be carried out (with and contacts). 4 3
2 1

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