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Ever wondered why we create complexities for ourselves? Is it our nature like Goulish tried to tell us? All these questions could pop up into anyone’s head once he/ she really put their heads into it. Upon taking just a glance at our lives we could manage to understand that we make things more complex than they have to. Confucius once said, “Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” This quote ostensibly covers the whole idea of this essay. We as humans have had rough time through our evolution; we have gone through much as a race that it has affected us to our core. Goulish explains it in his essay that it is our nature to complicate things.
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He mentions that even though we tend to look at things like never before, we do have some basic ideas about everything. He mentions this idea very vividly, “As a result, each field structures itself by propagating its own specialized vocabulary so that its practitioners might share some basic concepts” (Goulish 557). No matter what the field, we have some basic concepts pre-stored in our heads, those concepts help us understand the performances- it is important to know that performance is not just limited to an act- but we do form our own opinions regardless of those ideas. Goulish goes on to answer his own question, “Why do we critique.?” His answer to this question is a lot simpler than one would think. He tells us that the reasons why we criticize the work are to cause a change and secondly to understand how to understand. We inquire, scrutinize, and make things complicated because we need to cause a change and understand, but to cause a change in what?
Goulish does not fail to answer this question. “Perhaps they [critics] attempt to change the future by effecting audience perceptions” (Goulish 558). We could apply the same concept to our idea- why do we make things complex? We make things complicated because we want to affect our and other people’s perceptions. We want to understand ourselves but at the same time try and explain it to other people. We make things harder than they have to be because of who we are. If other people change their ideas or perceptions because they were inspired by us, is also fine with us. What they do from what we have conceived is up to them, we did our duty. Another thought that you might come to think of could be, “Who is capable of criticizing and making things complex.” Everyone is a born critical, everyone makes things complex, we all have our experiences and training throughout our lives to help us do that. Goulish mentions it in his essay, “Because if we have been trained at all, we have probably been trained to spot the negatives” (Goulish 559). Is just one essay enough for us to understand our idea? We humans are never satisfied with one thing so we keep looking for other things and sources to verify our original thought. So, for all of those out there who are suspicious, let’s take a look at our idea from another point of view.
Do we make things complex because of our past? Everyone has his or her own individualized experiences that cause us to reach our own conclusions. These are the questions that Goulish would say engage a critical mind. Let us look at it from another writer’s perspective. To bring Goulish’s idea into Ann Zwinger’s “A Desert World” would be very beneficial here. At one point Zwinger mentions our lack of ability to adapt to our surroundings. She envies creatures because they easily adapt themselves to their surroundings, even if they are unfamiliar. She writes, “Insights into this beautifully attuned world to which I am not adapted make…soon-to-be-available food” (Zwinger...

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