Complexity A Poem Essay

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I promised you a long time ago that once I formed the words, I would tell you exactly how I feltSome time has passed now and those perfect words have not yet been dealt.There are no words to describe these feelings, they are much too complexI realize that I place you in complete control with the words that I utter next.Desperately trying to seperate and repress the feelings of ...view middle of the document...

There's something absolutely magnetic about you that keeps me going unwillingly on this coursePerhaps I should stop saying unwillingly because no choice in life is forced.I often try to cast these feelings to the recesses of my mindbut they do not wane and only continue to grow over time.When I am with you, time seemingly stands still,It hasn't been this way in so long, I almost forgot how to feel.Becoming emotionally detached being hurt by those I claimed to have lovedUntil you came and in you I put my trust.Minutes without you seem like hours, hours like days, days like yearsTrying to put the picture of my life together without you brings me to tears.Everyday dealing with these emotions is a struggleA daily fight of trying to balance the juggleSo now I find myself in the placeAnd it's the truth that I must now faceKnowing now what I've said to you, I cannot erase.The need to wonder is no moreI've let you into my inner core.I'm into you with such intensityWith feelings described simply as complexity.(c) 2004 D. Thomas

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