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Component And Process Flow Of Palm Oil Mill

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PALM KERNEL (5 -6 %)


FIBRE (12 – 14 %)

SHELL (5 – 6 %)

POME (60 – 65 %)


Process Flow Palm Oil Mill





Press Cake




Press Liqour
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Basic Information
 Location plan of the mill  Expected crop projection for 20 years  Topographic map of the selected mill site  Un-interrupted availability of water for processing & distance of the water source from the mill  Commissioning date and  Distance to the nearest national grid (NEW)

 Reasonably central – transportation cost  3 km away from the nearest settlement - DOE  Close to water source  Access to main road – dispatch  Gentle sloppy terrain 10 m high – loading ramp  Effluent ponds – gravity feed facility

Planning Stage
 Select a large area eg. 60 ha - mill infra structure & a RE power plant.  Prepare the mill layout- leave out effluent ponds  Prepare 0.5 metre interval contour of the site  Superimpose the mill layout on this  Locate the mill entrance  Check the shape of of the remaining land & draw the layout of the effluent ponds OR  Consider tank digestion, gas collection for RE

Average Mill cost
Cost Centres Rough % 40 45 10 20 tph 8.8 9.9 2.2 30 tph 9.6 10.8 2.4 30>60 tph 10.4 11.7 2.6 60 tph 14.4 16.2 3.6

Mech. Works
Civil works Electrical Consultants/ others TOTAL (RM Million)






Propriety Equipment (branded machines)
       Boilers Diesel generators Steam generators Screw presses Oil purifiers Sludge separators Vacuum dryers        Cranes/ tippers Weighbridges Pumps Nut crackers Water softeners De-aerators Sterilizer automation

Mill sizing
       Planted area Predicted yield Annual crop Monthly crop Peak month 113% Daily crop (peak) Hourly capacity = 8,000 ha = 25 t/ha/yr = 200,000 t = 16,667 t = 18,833 t = 724 t (26day/mth) = 36 t (20 hrs/day)

 The mill size should be 45 tph capable of delivering 36 tph (80%) as the monthly average.

Mill rated capacity vs actual
No. Rated capacity 1 2 3 4 10 tph 30 tph 60 tph in 2 lines 45 tph Actual monthly avg. 10 tph 27 tph 48 tph 36 tph Factor 100% 90% 80% 80%


90 tph in 2 lines Law of Diminishing

72 tph Returns ?


Plant Sizing (Basis)

Plant Sizing - Basis
1.Loading Ramps The hoppers must be able to keep at least 8 hours crop. i.e Mill t/put x 8hrs excluding cages. For a 30 tph mill 30 x 8 = 240 tonnes. Must not dump crop on hopper

Plant Sizing - Basis
2. Sterilizers Fix the cage weight preferred : say 5 kg Number of cages per sterilizer: say 6 numbers Sterilization time : say 80 minutes per charge Number of sterilizers : 2 units double doors Weight per charge = 6 x 5 = 30 tonnes Throughput for this set up = 30 x 2 x 60 = 45 t /hr 80 There is sample surplus capacity to give 30 tph Mill is expandable to 45 tph

Plant Sizing - Basis
3. Presses • Install 3 presses, capacity: 15 tph each OR • Install 2 presses, capacity : 20 tph each. This is capable of 26 tph OR • Install 4 presses 10 tph each

Plant Sizing - Basis
4. Nut Station The most comfortable throughput for the nut station on a single line is 30 tph...

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