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Components Of Fitness Essay

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Components of Fitness
The 6 components of physical fitness are; muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, speed, body composition, aerobic endurance and the components of skill-related fitness; agility, balance, co-ordination, power and reaction time. I will relate the components of fitness to my chosen sport-netball.
6 components of physical fitness
Aerobic endurance
Aerobic endurance is having the ability to exercise for a long period without getting tired. During aerobic work the body is dependent on oxygen; also athletes who are good at aerobic endurance will have slow twitch fibres. This component is suited for an ectomorph because of their small body surface area, ...view middle of the document...

A lot of Body composition is needed in sports like sumo wrestling and shot put.
This relates to my sport because in netball you need to keep your level of body fat to minimum as you need to be able to run throughout the game and use your muscles to pass the ball to your team mates, so if you had a lot of body fat you wouldn’t be to and instead get really tired.
Muscular strength
Muscular strength is the amount of force a muscle can exert. An athlete must have a lot of fast twitch fibres if they want to excel in a sport that needs muscular strength. This component is suited for an endomorph because activities of pure strength like weight –lifting is perfect for them. Muscular strength is also suited for a mesomorph because they excel in strength which allows them to gain muscles easily. They also respond well to resistance training like weight –lifting.
This component relates to netball (my sport) because you need muscular strength in your lower limbs to leap into the air to intercept a ball and to continually use your legs throughout the netball game. You need muscular strength in your upper limbs to pass a ball and score a goal.
Flexibility is the movement of the limb around a joint. This component is suitable for ectomorphs because of their light frame allowing them to do sports like gymnastics. You could also say flexibility is suitable for a mesomorph because of their strength. They are able to hold themselves in a gymnastic position for a long time.
Speed is when you are able to move a part of your body very quickly; an example of this would be sprinting. When using speed in a sport the athlete will usually have faster twitch fibres then slow twitch fibres because of the short bursts of energy. This component is suitable for a mesomorph because of their medium structure and height. They find it easy to lose weight meaning they don’t struggle in sports where speed is needed.
5 components of skill-related fitness
Agility is when you’re able to perform a sequence of fast, powerful movements in different directions. This component is suitable for a mesomorph because of their ability in speed.
Netball relates to this sport because it is a fast paced game with many...

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