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Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

This Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan details ideas and concepts that I wish to put into practice in my future high school classroom. This plan demands common sense and excellence and focuses on providing students information for them to become their own digital citizens. The categories of this plan include my mission and vision for my classroom, my communication plan for engaged groups in the educational community, classroom instructional technology integration ideas, digital assessment thoughts, technological ethics principles, and my reflection of this plan.

Section One: Mission and Vision Statement
Vision Statement
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Furthermore, I will guarantee that I am a positive role model for them. I will partake in professional development and reflection in order to assure that I am teaching at my finest.

Section Two: Communications Plan
When discussing communication in regards to education, many influences, variables, and interested parties are present. Not only do teachers need to be communicating with students, parents, colleagues, and the local community, they also need to communicate with other professionals and the global community. Teachers need to be able to do all this communication safely and efficiently and be role models for their students.
To communicate with other professionals, I will join a professional educational, preferably math orientated, organization as well communicate socially online. I have my goals set on joining the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. While there is not international communications within the organization, it will certainly give me the tools to communicate on a global scale. There are also many online sites, like Curriki, that keep me in contact and up to date with a global network of teachers. Curriki is a “a nonprofit K-12 global community for teachers, students, and parents to create, share, and find free learning resources that enable true personalized learning” (Curriki, 2013). Collaboration sites like ePals will also keep me connected with classrooms outside the United States by providing a safe way for my students and me to work on projects with students from other countries (ePals, 2012). Communicating in teacher orientated social sites and being part of a professional organization will keep me communicating with teachers outside of my range of colleagues.
Communicating with parents is vitally important, and I want to ensure that parents understand I am as available as possible. I plan to send home a newsletter style introduction before each school year. This will include about me, about my teaching, and my contact information. I will ask that parents to contact me using their preferred method of communication and elaborate on what type of communication works best for them. This could include mailed newsletters, phone calls, texting, email, or social messaging. The introduction will also inform parents of how to view an online monthly calendar or online class websites (Reilly, 2008). Depending upon the school resources already in place, I will find a way to implement more communication opportunities than just report cards or parent teacher conferences. There are many different versions of online gradebooks that allow teachers to share their students’ grades with the students and their parents in a safe, protected environment. Many also include calendars, assignment reminders, commenting options, more in-depth feedback tools, and data recording. If something like this implemented in my school, I will certainly use it to my advantage. If not, I will find a solution to better feedback to parents....

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