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Compulsory Voting Essay

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Is it correct to force someone to participate in an election? Since 1918, Australia has made voting a mandatory citizen duty. However, in the United States, there is a voluntary voting system set in place. For the United States, voting is an extremely important part of what makes up our democratic government. For the federal elections in 2008, only 56.8% of the voting age population voted. In fact this number was up tremendously from the 2006 elections. If our government were to enforce voting, there would be a dramatic change in the people elected and how the government is run.
A large problem with the United States population is the lack of direct involvement in the government. Although we are able to elect officials to represent us, sometimes it is difficult to make clear on ...view middle of the document...

If people in America were forced to vote, this might result in many changes with who is elected into office. Citizens will take more of an initiative to learn about people running for elections and how they will affect the everyday life of everyone. In order for our democracy to survive, the people need to have an interest in it. Additionally, voluntary voting makes the election more expensive because the candidates have to work much harder in order to earn people’s votes. With the amount of money spent by each candidate there are many other ways it could be spent to help the poor of America. Also, the negative “mudslinging” advertisements where politicians point out every flaw each other would reduce because there isn’t a need to get voters all riled up against a candidate.
On the other hand, it is not democratic to force people to cast their vote. With the freedoms that the American people have, it is up to them whether they want to vote or not. It is also unfair to force someone to vote when there is not a candidate they feel would represent them well in the government. The task of voting would become more of a hassle rather than a right if people were obligated to cast their vote. If people went to the voting booth with not one idea of who the people listed on the ballot were, then they would not make an educated vote that might lead to a person in congress that wasn’t truly wanted.
In American, compulsory voting might bring some much needed change to the people making decisions for us in Congress. The concept of voting has caused a lot of reform in history to include the abolitionist movement and the women’s right movement. Both parties work endlessly to earn the right to vote in American. Today the American people need to realize that voting is a right that many people in countries around the world do not have.

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