Computer Based Patient Record System Essay

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Computer Based Patient Information System
(Project proposal)


Some people keep asking “What is the importance of patient record?” According to the main reason for maintaining medical records is to ensure continuity of care for the patient. They may also be required for legal purposes if, for example, the patient pursues a claim following a road traffic accident or an injury at work. For health professionals, good medical records are vital for defending a complaint or clinical negligence claim; they provide a window on the clinical judgment being exercised at the time. In general, records that are adequate for continuity of care are also sufficiently ...view middle of the document...

It doesn’t have a systematic and secure system that is organized the patient record. Patient records are stored in a form of paper and will be put into a specific file which is depends on first letter of patient name. The doctor records the patient treatment report in a form of paper that will attach with patients record and record the appointment in a card. The treatment card will be added when the patient come to get the treatment. Clinic staff also needs to rewrite the patients’ data if there is any modification. These paper works requires a space to store all the patients’ record. This may causes some of the record will be throw away if the patient never come to the clinic for few years.

2. Secondly, is we cannot control the data from unauthorized person. They can just write down anything in the card once the owner has it. And it is not secured because it can be viewed by anybody.

3. Third one is, the manual process needs a lot of time when they need to find the card of the patient. Most of us become a patient in a clinic. We hate waiting for hours because we had a lot things to do.

4. The fourth one is, some of the clinic don’t have database administrator facility. Those are just some of the problems of a clinic. So, we create Patient Information System to solve this kinds of problem that the manual one is facing.

General Objective

The Patient Information System is implemented in order to solve those problems that the manual clinic operators was dealing now. It will become the solution of every clinic to those problems in generating patients’ information

Specific objectives

* Generate a Computerized System

Patient Information System will be generating in order to record and stored all the data and information in a specific tables. This system will contain patient data (including the demographics (address, contact number, age, birthday, and citizenship, and source of admission), patient treatment report, and appointment schedule. Patient need to fill the information form then the staff will insert the data in the system.

* To Secured Patients Information

Reasons why clinic should protect the privacy of every patient:

* Health care professionals might maintain a separate patient record to protect sensitive data (e.g., psychiatric history) or to support a research interest (i.e., separate records containing detailed data for a research project).

* "The information disclosed to a physician during the course of the relationship between physician and patient is confidential to the greatest extent possible. The patient should feel...

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