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Importance of Computer :-
Computer is a wonderful machine. You can write a letter, draw a picture, keep records, to give a presentation, to play games, most of the firms & industries work with computers. Computers help the man to reduce his work and time.

What is a Computer ? Definiation of computer ?
It is an electronic Machine. Which takes the raw data, process the raw data & gives the meaning full out put.
In other words It is an electronic Machine. In which numbers can be multiplied, add, subtract, divide and do unlimited mathematical calculations and logical work in a speedy way.

Who is the Father of Computer ?
Charles Babbage

History of computers :-

1. Abacus :- it is ...view middle of the document...

computer is also called Babbage’s Analytical Engine. It do mathematical work it.
There are 5 parts in it.
1. Storage unit
2. Arthmatic & Logical unit
3. Control unit
4. Input device
5. Out device

Computer Generations :-
1. Vaccum Tube Generation :- First generation machine named as ENIAC (Electronic numerical integrated and calculator)
Vaccum Tube is a electronic switch. These computers are very big it acquires so many rooms. It working process is slow. Its cost is high. Storage capacity low. Frequently it make problems. This is called first generation .

2. Transistor Generation :- Transistors costs lower value than vaccum tube. Transistors are good working than vaccum tube. America’s Bell Labse and William Shakle and others invited this Transistor
It is Faster than the vaccum tube.

3. Integrated Circuit :- Thousands of transistors used is a silicon clip is called Integrated circuit. Circuits Invented in 1958
There are 30 transaction on an integrated circuit at the first time. By 1971 intel’s Micro processor had 2250 transistors. More than one layer is called Large Scale Integrated Circuits
In this size and cost decreased and speed and accuracy increased.
The latest microprocessor introduced is 2002 as 55 million transistors on a silicon chip. The size of a finger Nail.

4. Micro Processor Generation :- In VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration Technology) The latest microprocessor introduced is 2002 as 55 million transistors on a silicon chip. The size of a finger Nail.

5. Recent Generation :- The recent generation is 5th generation. Today’s technology computers such as Personal omputer, laptop, main frame computer etc.

Types of Computer:-
Micro computer (or) Personal Computer :- One (or) more firms uses this computer. Houses & firms use in many sectors. It makes work easy. It stores less & medium range of data. (ex. Schools, houses, offices) Pentium 5 is the latest Personal Computer

Mini computer :- It is a small computer in size it costs high rate & strong than personal computer. It can do difficult works. It has less storage capacity. It is used by different users at a time. (ex. Laptop)

Main frame computer :- It costs higher & stronger than mini Computer. It is used in large organizations. The working capacity is too fast & collect high capacity of data in it. This type of computers use high electricity. This is used in research centre, banks, airlines, railway reservation.

Super computer :- It is...

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