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The effects computer games have on young people. Good or bad? Effects of computerised gaming have a wide range on young people today and like anything else the effects you get out is in the way they are used. If we look at how computer games are made and what they are intended for we can get a better understand for the effects that come out of them.
Computer games today are created on a bases of entertainment but what are computer games? They are most commonly a simulation of a real life or exaggerated situation where a player can experience from their homes.
To start off with the most talked about effect of video games: violence.
Many people would say that computer games are quite harmless but a question that has arisen quite a lot is that first person view shooter games can have quite a big effect on people as you are playing the role of the character in the game and you are inflicting harm on others personally ...view middle of the document...

Computer games have much wider effects then violence a lot of games support a virtual world where a player has to use his/her spatial logical or knowledge to advance in the game. While it’s suggested that first person view shooting games can have a violent effect they often require and improve skills at physics when a player has to decide when and where to fire their weapon at a moving target to hit it or how far they need to propel an object to reach its target. While strategy games can require a great deal of logical thinking and tactics to win and can improve a player’s way of thinking
Like all things too much is not good for you and computer games comes up as one of the highest reasons that young people are unfit today. While unlike a TV computer games require thinking and exercise the brain, whoever is playing gets to control the content they are watching and unless they finish the game there is usually always more content to play.
With most modern console games there is commonly a multiplayer mode which isn’t quite the same as real life can be effective in its own way. Players will usually be required to use teamwork and cooperation with each other to overcome the level or the opposing team.
In the case of computer games specially and not console games many players can get interested in other areas of the computer and can ultimately improve their skills that can be required later on in their education and can help when getting a job. Games can often include extra tools that the player can use to develop and write their own parts for games. Learning how to use these pieces of software can be quite a challenge and lead to other advanced areas of computers and ultimately go towards skills they could use in later life.
Ultimately computer games have a positive effect of learning and development in areas that aren’t that apparent at first glance and like anything else they can be misused and abused just as easy. For their purpose their instructions they have succeeded quite well, as long as people stick to the age requirement they do what they were made to do: Entertain.

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