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Computer Graphics Essay

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Computer Graphics –B.C.A. (VIth sem )

Viral B. Polishwala

Chapter - 6 : Applications of Computer Graphics
Computers have become a powerful tool for the rapid and economical production of pictures. There is virtually no area in which graphical displays cannot be used to some advantage, and so it is not surprising to find the use of computer graphics so widespread. Although early applications in engineering and science had to rely on expensive and cumbersome equipment, advances in computer technology have made interactive computer graphics a practical tool. Today, we find computer graphics used routinely in such diverse areas as science, engineering, medicine, business, industry, government, ...view middle of the document...

Fig: 6.1 Chart of sale of shoes in 5 continents

Figure 6.1 gives examples of two-dimensional graphics combined with the sale of shoes in 5 different continents for first 6 months. This illustration shows 5 color coded bar charts combined onto one graph and a pie chart with six sections.


Computer Graphics –B.C.A. (VIth sem )

Viral B. Polishwala

Fig: 6.2 - 3D bar chart for Code project membership details

Similar graphs and charts can be displayed in three dimensions to provide additional information. Three-dimensional graphs are sometime used simply for effect; they can provide a more dramatic or more attractive presentation of data relationships. The charts in Fig. 6.2 include a three-dimensional bar graph. Three major functions of presentation graphics are: • • • An editor that allows text to be inserted and formatted. A method for inserting and manipulating graphic images, and A slide show system to display the content.

The program that helps users to create presentations such as visual aids, handouts, and overhead slides to process artwork, graphics, and text and produce a series of slides – which help speakers get their message across are presentation graphics software. We may say that presentation graphics is more than just power point presentation because it includes any type of slide presentation, bar chart, pie chart, graphs and multimedia presentation. The key advantage of this software is that it helps you show abstracts of representation of work.



Using Computer Graphics, we can represent information in a better and more convincing manner. Today, computer graphics has emerged as a new form of art. The entertainment industry became an area where computer graphics has spread its wings. Computer graphics methods are now commonly used in making motion pictures, music videos, and television shows. Sometimes the graphics scenes are displayed by themselves, and sometimes graphics objects are combined with the actors and live scenes.


Computer Graphics –B.C.A. (VIth sem )

Viral B. Polishwala

Many TV series regularly employ computer graphics method. Graphics objects can be combined with a live action. More and more new experiments with computer graphics are being carried out in the entertainment industry.

Fig:6.3 - Gery’s Game

Fig:6.4 – Jurassic Park


Education and Training

Computer-generated models of physical, financial, and economic systems are often used as educational aids. Fig:6.5 demonstrate such model of hemoglobin which is generated with graphics as educational aid for medical students. For some training applications, special systems are designed. Examples of such specialized systems are the simulators for practice sessions Fig:6.5 –Computer Generated Model of Hemoglobin captains, aircraft pilots, heavy -equipment operators, and air traffic -control personnel. Some simulators have no video screens; for example, a flight simulator with only a control panel for instrument flying. But most...

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