Computer Hardware Essay

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• Describe the program, what it does, what kind of hardware it runs on, and what other software it is tied into.
• Identify who makes it, and what other kinds of software they make. To the degree that you can, perhaps by reviewing the company's web site, provide a history of the software and how it developed to its present state.
• Briefly outline the benefits you see coming to the users of the software as a result of using it.
• If possible, describe some of your history with the program and any interesting experiences you've had with it.   If you had a choice, what more features you would like to add?  How they would impact your productivity?
• Conclude with a few ...view middle of the document...

Microsoft pushed its advantage with regular new releases, every two years or so. The current version for the Windows platform is Excel 12, also called Microsoft Office Excel 2007. The current version for the Mac OS X platform is Microsoft Excel 2008.
With all of the upgrades to the Excel program it allows the user to construct a more professional spreadsheet or charts. With the ability to create formulas allows the user the ability to use excel more than a chart or spreadsheet maker but also as a book keeper.
I’m in the military and have used Microsoft Excel since 1992. Being in the Signal Corp of the Army I’m in charge of all software that we use. I do monthly inventories on men and equipment in which I use Excel to track. I use excel to create my charts and spreadsheets in which I transport over to PowerPoint for my slideshow presentation to my commander. I use excel in some form or another in everyday work, when I do my daily personnel report or when I do my weekly training plan for my platoon. Without...

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