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Computer History Essay

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Karla, 32 year old telecommunications worker.
Every summer, we spend at least a week at the cabin in the Adirondacks that has been in my family for three generations. We have modern amenities, now, but the windows are small and it isn’t well lit. When we walk in from a bright sunny day, it seems very dark inside the cabin. Within a few minutes, my eyes get adjusted to the lower level of light and it no longer seems dark.

Lane, 28 year old factory worker.
Some people think that dreams mean something. As for me, I don’t go for all that nonsense about what dreams say about your unconscious. However, I do think that you sometimes dream about things that are on your mind. For instance, if I’m having problems at work or in my relationship, ...view middle of the document...

Nathan, 55 year old sales professional.
My Uncle John drank heavily all his life. I guess his liver could take it. In the end, though, I think all that alcohol took a heavy toll on him. His liver could take it, but his brain couldn’t. He couldn’t remember things and became very disorganized. Near the end, he was basically incoherent. So don’t tell me that alcohol is harmless. In my opinion, it has caused as much human misery as any other drug.

Mildred, 72 year old retired mail carrier.
My memory isn’t as good as it used to be. For instance, sometimes I have trouble remembering a phone number long enough to dial it. Yet, I’m not worried about it, because I don’t seem to have any trouble with other types of memory. I’m good at remembering concepts that I learned in school, like the capital of Colorado or the names of the countries in Central America. Moreover, I can remember happenings from the past with about the same facility as any other person of my age. Of course, some of the things I learned in my life, like swimming or riding a bicycle are things that you never lose.

Odie, 44 year old musician.
I turn into a gloomy person. So, I always try to think positive. That’s the way it works with most of us. However, some people have a chemical imbalance in their brain. Look at Mom. After Dad died, she got very gloomy. I was really worried about her. She got some Prozac or something from her doctor and that helped bring her back to normal. So, I’m not saying that pills are the answer for everything. Pills are not the answer for all ailments. All I’m saying is that some people need more than positive thinking, they need help to cure a chemical imbalance.

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