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Computer Information Essay

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Computer Information
The IT world

By Gavin Viall

It was said that the reason for information systems is to get the right information to the right person or people at the right time, and the right amount, and in the right format. One of the main goals in an information system is to process data into information. So Data input becomes very important. We are going to look at five situations, and determine which method of data input works best for that situation. The input devices for operating systems are as follows Keyboard, mouse, microphone, camera, video, touch screen, pen and pad. Output devices are hardware that allows the computer to communicate to the end user. The output ...view middle of the document...

A computers network provides connectivity between the computers. Network Interface Card or (NIC) for short is an expansion card that allows a computer to connect to a network. Another Networking device is Media. Network transfer medium there are cable and wireless. A modem is a networking device that allows data to be transferred from the telephone, and cable television lines. A hub is a networking device that is the central connection point of a network. Now a router transmits messages thru the most efficient routes in a network. There’s a lot to take in and understand with a computer and hardware that comes along with it. The last networking device is the tower which basically is a wireless transmitter. There are more and more devices that are being networked. This type of networking has brought more and more possibilities for virtual work environments.
Accuracy of data input is very important. We have five different situations where I am going to explain which method of data input would best suit the situation. Our first situation is printed questionnaires. For printed questionnaires I would say using the keyboard would be the best input device to use. There would be typing involved in the responses to the questionnaires where you would need to be able to read responses and type answers into the CPU.
The next situation is a telephone survey. As far putting the data in a microphone would be my choice. If we need to output the telephone survey answers the speakers would let you listen to their answers. I would use a tape for the storage device of the responses. The best network device to use for a telephone survey would be a modem.
Now for data input of bank checks you might need to use a pen just because all checks are usually signed. The best output device to use would either be a printer or the monitor. For storage of the bank checks the RAM would be fine. Processing device would be the CPU.
For input data of retail tags I think a camera would capture everything on the tag to input the data. The output device would be a printer since it would need to be able to go on to a piece of clothing. Since most retail tags have a bar code on them the best way to store that information would be a processed by the CPU and bar code data would be best to input it with a scanner.
For data input of long documents a pad would be the best choice since it would be able to shrink the data down somewhat. Output device I would choose would be a projector since a projector can make the data readable on a screen. Storage device of a CD would be best since a lot of data can fit on a cd with plenty of room.
I know these first situation I added little more to them then just how I would input the data. Now these next situation calls for how would be the best method of outputting the data.
For a handheld computer a LCD screen would be most effective and what I would choose.
For a photograph the best output device to use...

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