Computer Information System Paper

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Computer Information System Paper

Jimmy Johnson


June 21, 2010

Anita Rodriguez, M.A., CPA 

Technology has created numerous avenues to improve computer systems more effectively integrated to meet Kindler foods business needs to improve accounting operations. After conducting an environmental scan for key elements that were disseminated and are detailed below. These key elements represent ...view middle of the document...

The company power problems in California, and the absence of the written policies that oversees security of the finance and accounting systems and answers and the absence of formal company policies or audits of the financial and accounting systems.
Threats of Current Systems

A major threat to the current accounting system entails the use of the public internet for transmitting data and funds the absence of written policies that oversees security of the finance, and accounting systems. The chance of human error and deceitfulness by employees, and security of company information and its customers are also a risk with the current system. By purchasing the more sophisticated software such as Tivoli, which is excellent security, network intrusion prevention software is a must to ensure security of the computer network.

Opportunities in Accounting Technology

Technology has grown at an accelerated pace with numerous accounting software in the market that does a variety of different things. The Tivoli Security Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) supported by the latest firmware (version 4.1). “IBM Security Network IPS is proactive by design, driven by high-performance hardware, and informed by the IBM X-Force® research and development team – one of the best-known commercial security research groups in the world.”( IBM Security Network IPS can “detect and block malicious threats
to an organization's network before impact to business operations.”( Policies can be created, edited, or new policies added very easily over time, as policies are tuned more and more closely to the organization's specific requirements, security becomes more and more effective. In fact, costs will fall because automation is increasingly leveraged.”(

Network Management:
On the network management side accounting for business Splunk is search software that indexes any fast moving IT data as it happens, making it possible to actually see inside the data center at runtime. From your Web browser, you can navigate logs, configuration files, message queues and database transactions from any system, application or device. System administrators, developers and support staff everywhere will have it ability see and resolve problems faster resulting in shorter mean time to repair (MTTR), this translates into better service availability and reduced cost of incident response.
Another accounting is the “Nagios accounting network management software displays the real time status of each host and network node and each service running; and...

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