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Today man’s scientific knowledge is very wide and highly advanced. It has helped him to discover and invent many things for his ease, comfort and efficiency. Computer is the latest and most brilliant child of science. They used for work, school, hospital, industrial, office, shops, house etc. The Computer can be a helpful place to find information on certain topics. With their quick processing ability helping, it makes informed decisions more quickly and to perform our work faster and easier. That is why many people in the world were depending in computers. And yet computer is a very friendly use for us to do whatever and whenever task we ...view middle of the document...

So computers are used now are changed today with new things you would like.
Throughout now in computers were hard to describe in-depth in the programming as it was made in what people and myself thought. People use computers in a concept of doing work on it and nothing else that so interesting. It wasn’t an interesting thing back then when it was made. Everybody ignored it as a useless product that never existed in the world. When I used it was hard to use and understanding more in detail the entire major concept of how the programming was. People like me had a hard time figuring out uses for it. It was like a machine in a hard way to describe in of all the technology/electronics they had made to a computer. Programming it in what to do on it was like typing, printing, and playing was the major thing that was done. It was nothing but just playing and doing working on a computer, which was made to do. Having it programmed for these kinds of uses are having people do these common things. When computers are describes as programming in special uses as work, printing, and playing have the first new beginning of computers.
Today now computers have made a communications and software cure for troubleshooting in the major problem people have in the computer system. In the communications they have a Chat line/E-mail to send about anything between you and your friend through a network computer. This is something people enjoy doing to communicate with anybody they know. It’s a lifesaver now to send anything across a computer network in the world. The next thing is that software that can destroy viruses in detecting and protecting your computer has made a cure for it. People whom have troubleshooting in their computers now have software on the market see it’s a big help. It’s a new generation people now are safe with any software program that can be protected. The different between the reflections of the computers had shown many of what people encounter in their everyday life. Everything from the past has now made a lot of big changes. Now people are starting to get computer in a whole new different way for them to use it. Now new things added to the computer systems today has better communications and new software that helps people not to lose anything.People from the past had problems with computers in knowing what it is. They would just use it as typing out work and other things. In that people occur with troubleshooting problems like viruses and errors. Now today they made new communication and software to help out people from their problems they have. So the reflection of computers has now shown new things have come to the future.
But how has the computer Introduce in to our world? In the beginning, when the task was simply counting or adding, people used either their fingers or pebbles along lines in the sand in order to simply the process of counting, people in Asia minor built a counting device called ABACUS, the device allowed users to do...

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