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Computer Needs Laptops Or Desktops?

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The year is 1852; Babbage holds mankind in awe as he reveals to them a huge box containing strange square-like structures and a maze of wires occupying a large well air-conditioned room. This huge metal pile was programmed to perform in minutes, tasks that accountants couldn?t perform in hours ? perplex calculations. The idea of the existence of a desktop, or even a laptop, was laughed off. But then technology has it own ways, and the year 1980, introduced a computer, that sat snugly on top of an office desk. The goal of miniaturization had been accomplished; yet, developers wanted something better, and thus it was in 1994 that mankind was introduced to the laptop.First, let us take into ...view middle of the document...

Ask them as to their opinion about a desktop and it shall be a ?you are crazy even if you consider buying that.? Another branch of computer consumers is formed by intense, note-taking students. Preceding laptops, their agony was unbearable; these members found themselves missing vital parts of lectures as they tried to note down all that was spoken. However, with laptops, it was nothing but a case of typing-while-listening, and with typing speeds found today, students find themselves taking in more of the lecture, than they ever had before. Then you have what can be called the technical-type shopper. To him the only concerns are high-quality resolution, graphics, and speeds matching that of light. As long as these needs are being fulfilled, cost and weight are not considered. These needs, out of reach for a laptop, are met by a desktop.A group, not rare under any circumstances, is the weak-eyesight group. To them, technicalities or mobility do not matter. As long as the screen display is big enough, they shall purchase the item. Seeing that technology strives to make computers smaller day by day, these people just might put a halt to technological developments, or if they aren?t that harsh, they might buy a desktop with a large monitor. There reaction to technological advances will be what Huxley once said ?Technological progress has merely...

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