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Computer networks like internet necessitate network resources, i.e. bandwidth, buffer spaces, etc in order to accommodate the arriving packets at router buffers [25]. When the arriving packets cannot be accommodated due to lack of network resources, this indicates occurring congestion at router buffers of networks [21]. Congestion can deteriorate a network performance [22, 25] through growing the packet loss probability due to overflow as well as the mean waiting time for packets in the queueing network. In addition, congestion may reduce the throughput and increase the packet dropping probability precedes the router buffers have overflowed. Congestion can also generate unmaintained average ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, every arriving packet will lose. 2) At a particular time, the RED’s congestion measure ( ) value may be below the value of minimum threshold position at the router buffer ( ). This indicates no packet can be dropped. However, for a short time the arrival rate increases and making the router buffer overflowing. Nonetheless, the value increases but still smaller than the value of . This also makes no dropping for packets even the router buffer is overflowing. 3) RED is greatly reliance upon setting of its parameters ( , the maximum position at the router buffer ( ), queue weight ( ), maximum value of packet dropping probability ( )) [14] in order to obtain a satisfactory performance [9, 15].
To deal with the above RED’s problem, GRED was proposed as a variant of RED, in which GRED enhances the way of tuning some of RED’s parameters such as and [16]. Moreover, GRED maintains the value at a level on a router buffer which is between the and positions, this level is named [16]. Maintaining value at level avoids increasing the router buffer size to be above the position, and therefore smaller number of packets is dropped.
Some researchers have proposed fuzzy logic controller (FLC) mechanisms in order to use them as congestion control approaches [10, 11, 12, 17, 27]. A reason for developing these FLC mechanisms is the difficult of developing new AQM mechanisms [20, 27]. [27] proposed a FLC mechanism aims to enhance the BLUE method’s performance [13]. Two input linguistic variables (current queue length and packet loss rate) were utilised to evaluate a single output linguistic variable (packet dropping probability). The performance measure results with reference to queue length, throughput and packet loss rate of the FLC mechanism in [27] were provided better than those of BLUE method. [10, 11, 12, 17] proposed a FLC mechanism based on RED method which applied in TCP/IP differentiated service networks. In [10, 11, 12, 17], different classes of...

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