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Computer Sciences Essay

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Statement of Purpose
In history, we read of “ages”, like the “Ancient Age”, the “Medieval Age”, and the “Modern Age”. There is only one name that fits the 21st century: the “Computer Age.” Today, Computers are used in almost all domains of life. Though created by man, they seem to rule the world. My lasting curiosity about this dominance coupled with my growing experience in the IT industry have led to my decision to undertake a master’s in Computer Science.
The subjects in my undergraduate program which did most to deepen my interest were “Computer Network Technology” and “Database Management Systems” in the fifth semester. The former taught me in detail about the individual layers of ...view middle of the document...

The seminar gave me an occasion to learn about areas of Computer Networking which were not a part of the curriculum. Considering the widespread use of Bluetooth, the solid knowledge of its functioning that I gained from this study will certainly be useful to me in the future.
In my final year, for my capstone project titled “Remote data backup through a public network over a long distance”, my team and I designed and developed an application using Linux utilities to facilitate scheduled data transfer. We did this project for the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, transferring data from their Ootacamund Research Centre to their Mumbai Office. The data consisted of information accumulated from the Grapes-3 project at their Ootacamund Research Center, and was of mission-critical importance. The Grapes-3 project is a cosmic ray collection centre which captures up to 10000 cosmic ray showers per day, analyzes them, and then converts them into a binary file represented in the form of graphs. This file is then converted into a root file which the scientists need to correlate the data with the data gathered from a simulator known as CORSICA, which is based in Mumbai. Because of the great importance of the data, data security and integrity were two major aspects of the project. The latter was accomplished with the help of the Remote Copy (rcp) utility of Linux and the generation of MD5 Checksum. The rcp used the Secure Shell Hash Daemon (ssh) to establish a secure connection and encrypt the data, which helped achieve security. In order to schedule the data transfer, we built a Java application to automate the process; manual scheduling was possible through a command line. After analyzing the various user levels provided by Linux, we were able to restrict the access rights exclusively to the administrator. A vital part of my project required me to study the several flavors of Linux operating systems and various point-to-point cryptography tools like PGP, Hash, and Checksum algorithms. We used Latex, a document preparation system for high-quality typesetting, to document our project.
Currently, I am working as a Software Developer in Cybage Software Private Limited, an offshore software development company; my client is PROS, an American-based leader in revenue management systems. The...

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