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Computer Virus Essay

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“Computer Virus”

What is a Computer Virus ?
“A Software program able of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same .”
“A virus is a program that may disturb the normal working of a computer virus .”

How is a Computer Virus created?
The following are the points through which the computer virus is created:
* Computer viruses are created by programmers who write code that builds a program with replication and destructive abilities. They do this because they are either malicious for the sake of being destructive or are malicious and driven by corporate disruption or financial gain. Virus code is written ...view middle of the document...

A special case is the virus dropper, programs that carry viral code and spread viruses as they move through a system. This type is a viral carrier rather than a virus itself.


* Viruses target specific objects inside a computer system. They go after files or other programs that exist on the PC or laptop to help the computer function properly. Viruses attack files that have the .com, .sys or .exe extensions. Viruses attack batch files, which are programs that run a series of steps desired by a user. Viruses also seek to destroy highly important areas on a computer, known as boot sectors, which are areas of the hard drive the computer sets aside for launching its important core programming.

Where is the Computer Virus present ?
* Computer Virus is present on the disk of the computer .
* It can also be present in the boot sector of the computer.
* It is present in the folders or the files of the computer.
* A file containing virus is called Infected file.
* Computer Virus is present in online games .
* The harmful virus are present on the side of the web page also.
How Computer Virus damages our data ?
Computer Virus damages the data in different ways .These different ways are as follow:
I) The second name of the virus is the “destruction”.
II) It destroy the data step by step.
III) It hides itself inside the files.
IV) Once the infected file is opened it starts to spread in all the computer .
V) Computer Virus starts deleting the files one by one.
VI) And at last the whole file is completely finished.
VII) The virus remains inside the disks until we formats the disks.

How does Viruses Enter in our Computer ?
The main path which provides the virus to enter inside the computer is the Internet.
The virus enters the computer by sharing networks also.
Inserting the Floppyies ,pen drivers, or CD which consist of virus.
By playing online games.
Watching online movies , plays.
Using any online website or conversation.
By downloading the online and free softwares.
Using artificial windows .
Using the torrent software for downloading.
These all possibilities are also known as Vulnerabilites.

Computer First Virus :
The First Computer Virus made by the programmer is :
Elk Cloner — is one of the first known microcomputer viruses that spread "in the wild," i.e., outside the computer system or lab in which it was written. It was written around 1982 by a 15-year-old high school student named Richard "Rich" Skrenta for Apple II systems. 

The virus infected thousands of machines, but was harmless: It merely displayed a poem across the user's screen. 


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