Computers And The Disabled Essay

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Computers and The Disabled

The computer age has changed many things for many people, but for the
disabled the computer has ultimately changed their entire life. Not only has it
made life exceedingly easier for all disabled age groups, it has also made them
able to be more employable in the work force. Previously unemployable people can
now gain the self esteem from fully supporting themselves. Computers have given
them the advantages of motion were it had not previously existed. Disabled
children now have the advantage to grow up knowing that they can one day be a
competent adult, that won't have to rely on someone else for their every need.
Windows 95 has made many interesting ...view middle of the document...

Movement sensitive hardware, as well as computerized shifting
devices allows the disable to control the van with very little physical movement.
Children with disabilities now have access to many computerized devices that
enable them to move freely in their home as well as outside. The battery
operated bigfoot truck, much like the ones that we buy for our own children to
play on have been adapted and computerized for children with special needs.
These trucks have been designed for even some of the most limited children to
operate with ease. With the newest technology these children can now go to
public schools with their peers, and have an active social life. They also are
learning that there is a place in this fast paced world for them, and are
teaching the rest of us that with strength and the will to succeed, all things
are possible.
The Windows 95 help system was designed to help users with hearing, motor
and some visual disabilities, they include information on the built-in access
features. The controls of these features are centralized in the Accessibility
Options Control Panel. This specialized control panel lets the user activate
and deactivate certain access features and customize timing and feedback for a
limited individual. A program for the disabled called StickyKey helps a person
who doesn't have much control over hand movement to use a computers delete
command, or any other command that normally uses both hands. StickyKeys allows
a disabled person...

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