Computers Are An Essential Item To Have In The Household Today

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Computers are an Essential Item to have in the Household Today

In the year 1977 computers went on sale for the national public. Today in the year 2004 computers with connection to the internet are an essential item to have in the household. Accountants and typists are no longer the only ones buying computers. Age does not matter. Everyone needs a computer in the household. Computers help all kinds of people. Meeting different people’s needs, therefore computers are a useful tool for all age groups. Children, teenagers, adults, and senior citizens all can use the same computer, but they all use the computer for a different purpose.

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” (Source 2, Journal) Children can learn new information on the internet and they are able to review and get extra help on things they don’t understand. If a child realizes that they do not understand something when they get home, they know longer have to wait to go in to school for extra help, but they now can communicate with there teacher online or they can go to an internet tutoring system which will give them just as much help as being in a regular classroom. Cyber tutors for children are made for every child and there needs.

If something is explained to a child by a cyber tutor, and that child still does not understand how to do a certain assignment, or a problem the cyber tutor is programmed to explain things in more then one way, so that what one child may understand another child may understand when explained to in a different way. Computers also help uninterested children become more interested in there school work. Children who might not be that interested in school, there education, and have a short attention span, seem to have taken a liking to computers and have been learning more through the computer rather then paying attention in there own classroom. Computers have helped a lot of children who may have been straying from there education become more involved and start learning once again. Although tutoring and learning on the internet is exciting and engaging for children, internet learning is in no way here to replace classroom learning in a physical classroom. There will always be classroom learning but children who have access to a computer after the school day is over, are at a definite advantage to learning and becoming a better student.

Teenagers have become dependent on computers for there social life, home work and other aspects. The internet is to some degree replacing the phone for teenagers. They can now have numerous numbers of conversations with different people at the same time, rather then spending time talking to one person on the telephone and giving them your full attention. Today it is more common for a teenager to exchange there screen name with someone that they might have met rather then to give that person there phone number. If a teenager did not have access to a computer with the internet in there home, it would not mean that they would be anti-social and not have any friends but, they would miss out on a lot of events that get posted or passed around through the internet and they would miss out talking to a lot of there friends and maybe long distance friends as well. There is always a concern from parents that they may not want there teenager going on the internet because they don’t know what there teenager is doing and who they are talking to, but this should know longer be a concern because now there are special techniques and programs which parents can put into effect to see where there teenager has gone and who they have talked to. It is more of a beneficial tool for a...

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