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Computers In Action Essay

734 words - 3 pages

Technology in Action, Seventh Edition
Answer Key Chapter 11

Word Bank

• data dictionary

• data inconsistency

• data mining

• data warehouse

• decision support system

• field

• join query

• memo field

• metadata

• numeric field

• object field

• primary key

• relational algebra

• select query

• structured query language (SQL)

• table

• text field

• transaction processing system (TPS)

Instructions: Fill in the blanks using the words from the Word Bank above.

When constructing a database (1) table, it is important to ensure each record is identified uniquely. A(n) (2) primary key should be established as a unique field that will be ...view middle of the document...

A(n) (15) decision support system utilizes databases and other related systems to assist management with building business models and making critical decisions.

Multiple Choice

Instructions: Answer the multiple-choice and true–false questions below for more practice with key terms and concepts from this chapter.

1. Having the exact same information about a person on two different lists is an example of

a. data redundancy.

b. data inconsistency.

c. data disparity.

d. data duplication errors.

2. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of using a database versus lists?

a. Information assurance can be guaranteed by using a database.

b. Data entry errors can be minimized with databases.

c. Data integrity can be ensured with a database.

d. Data redundancy can be reduced by using databases.

3. A group of related records in a relational database is called a(n)

a. primary key.

b. SQL grid.

c. master key.

d. table.

4. In databases, tables are related using

a. locks.

b. database logic.

c. keys.

d. multivariate relations.

5. A field that has a unique value for each record in a database is called the

a. key field.

b. logical key.

c. primary key.

d. master field.

6. A foreign key contained in a related table...

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