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Computers In Todays Society Essay

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Health Care technology
The social impact of computers in our society

The Social Impact of Computers in Our Society
What is a computer and why is it essential to learn about computers today?
A computer is a programmable machine, it responds to a set of instructions and it executes a list
Of prerecorded instructions (or programs). Modern computers are electronic and digital. The
Computer consists of the following components:
Hardware-(consists of circuits, transistors ,and wires)
Data-(software that is inside the computer)
Memory-(allows computer to store data and programs temporarily)
Mass storage device-(permanently store large amounts of ...view middle of the document...

The exact functions of a system will depend on its use for that particular
Setting. The terms and functions do change over time. However they are important to know
When working in the medical technology field and they are as follows:
EHR -electronic health records
CPOE-computerized patient order entry minimizes handwriting and communication errors by having doctors or other providers enter orders into a computer system.
CDSS-clinical decision support system provides doctors with real time diagnostic and treatment recommendations.
PACS-captures and integrates diagnostic and radiological images from various devices (x-ray, MRI etc).
BAR CODING-an optical scanner is used to electronically capture information encoded on a product.
RFID-radio frequency identification tracks patients throughout the hospital, and links lab and medication tracking through a wireless communication system.
An ADMS-automated dispensing machine distributes medication doses.
EMM-electronic materials management tracks and manages inventory of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and other materials.
INTEROPERABILITY-electronic communication among organizations so the data in one IT system can be incorporated into another.
What is health care technology’s investment in hospitals and private offices?
Information technology varies in hospitals and private offices depending on the type
Of technology that is being used. Diffusion is the greatest in administrative and
Financial applications. Many systems and hospitals have announced IT plans for
Example Kaiser Permanente has invested $1.8 billion on a fully operational ehr.
Hospitals consider financial return on their investment and nonfinancial benefits
Like hospitals doctors are more likely to use IT for administrative purposes. There is
A link between larger practice size and the use of clinical IT suggests having more
Revenue with greater management allows groups to support the sizeable investments
Needed to implement information systems.
Ways of improving patient’s safety
Errors in patient care have been occurring for a long time in health care. Studies reveal
That more patients are dying every year from medical errors that could have been
Providing more lifesaving capabilities that were not available 20 or even 30 years ago
However there a lot of ways to improve patient safety here are just a few
Provide regular communication on patient safety initiatives throughout the organization.
Making sure patient safety projects are well defined.
Support and implement patient safety education among staff, doctors, patients, and families.
Monitor appropriate changes in healthcare processes.
The demand for surgical services is growing at a fast pace. As one of the
Capacities here are just a few

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