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Conceled Weapons: Carry Them If You Have Them

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Concealed Weapons: Carry Them If You Have Them
You’re starting a new chapter in life. If you’re old enough to fight in a war, vote, own a gun, or benefit every from other right that other adult citizens enjoy, then you shouldn’t be stripped of your right to bear arms just because you decide to go to school at a state institution. We have the right to be able to protect ourselves regardless of where we are.
This topic has been a growing debate with the recent school shootings happening around our country. If it was known that the students on campus were allowed to carry firearms, would these violent acts have occurred? I feel that there would be a significantly small ...view middle of the document...

The number of crimes in general has dropped from 800 in 2002 to 200 in 2008. Sexual crimes have dropped from 47 in 2002 to two in 2008. The local county sheriff, James Alderden, has reported that there have been absolutely no problems from permit holders. Colorado State University’s crime rate has dropped 61 percent in the five years between 2003 and 2008 while the University of Colorado, which banned guns, had its crime rate increase 37 percent.
The Second Amendment states (in its entirety): "A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed." Some argue that this states that if I’m in a militia, I have the right to bear arms, but that outside of the military, concealed weapons are not permitted. My response to those people is: when the Second Amendment was written, do you think that carrying a gun under a shirt was against the rules? No; it was considered bearing arms no matter how you look at it.
The anti-gun protesters have been shown plenty of proof that when more people are allowed to carry concealed weapons, crime decreases. These groups will never admit it, nor will they report it, but when guns are in the hands of responsible, ordinary people, they have been influential in stopping some shootings. Reported in an article written by Marshall Lewin, in 2002, at the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, VA, a former student entered the school offices and shot two members of the faculty. When two current students heard the shooting, they responded quickly to confront the shooter with their own firearms, holding him at gunpoint and stopping him from hurting anyone else. Ted Nugent states in an interview with Piers Morgan on, that 80 people a day are killed by guns, and that an average of 78 of them is killed by criminals and not by concealed weapons permit holders.
Most of the time, if there is a crime happening on a school campus, students are the first to respond. Stated by Davin Burnett, when the Virginia Tech Killer committed his spree of killings, it took police nine minutes to get to the school. Northern Illinois University police took two minutes to make contact with a shooter there, and at the University of Alabama (Huntsville), even though...

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