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Concepts Of Diversity Essay

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What are the concepts of diversity?
The concepts of diversity focus on Race, Culture and Ethnicity. The main focus was on women and minorities in the past, now the term diversity has now been broadened to include people with disabilities, older and younger workers, sexual minorities, people of different religions, weight and appearance, and other non-dominant groups.
How We Tend to Categorize People
|Worker Characteristics |Personal Characteristics |Traditional Differences Characteristics |
|Seniority |Sexual orientation |Race |
|Position ...view middle of the document...

Other benefits of diversity be valued increased commitment, involvement, and social network integration for the individual

Why is diversity important to me as a leader?
As a leader the first step is to understand that one of the primary objectives of diversity is to acknowledge people’s individualities. This requires organizations to transform to multicultural models of operation. I can think of two very important goals to set and achieve. The first is having all leaders within an organization become visibly involved in programs affecting organizational culture change and strongly evaluating policies that govern diversity. To make this happen you will need displays of leadership that frown upon oppression of all forms. The expected result is enhanced productivity, profitability, and market responsiveness by achieving a dynamic organization and work force.
The second is inspiring diversity in the work force. Workers want to belong to an organization that believes in them, no matter what kind of background or culture they come from. They want to be productive, share in the profits, and be included in a totally dynamic work force. Almost no one sets out to do wrong. As the leadership embraces diversity, this goal will be achieved relatively easy. It is much easier to train people when they have role models to base their behaviors on. Also you will have the backing from the very people who can support you in your efforts.

An individual, acting alone, can accomplish much; but a group of people working together can accomplish great things. You want team members to understand each other and support each other. Their main goal should be to see the team accomplish its mission. Personal agendas get in the way of team goals. Personal agendas are a huge waste on an teams resources because they do not support its goals or mission.
Embracing diversity can be thought of as the first item for building teams. Almost every team building theory states that to build a great team, there must be a diverse group of people on the team. Some will say you must avoid choosing people who are like you. Choosing people like you to be on teams is similar to inbreeding - it multiplies the flaws. Compare this to the other end of the spectrum, having an assorted group of individuals will in theory diminish the flaws of others.
Diversity must be a part of an organization’s...

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