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I would like to start off saying how much I enjoyed this course and how much I learned about myself throughout! I never realized the true meaning of “learning” until the past five weeks of my life. This course has opened my eyes up tremendously! Learning to me is how I take things in and what I decide to do with them. If a problem arises I have many ways I can look at it to solve it the best way possible. The first step in learning is to assess what you are seeing, hearing, or trying to solve. The second step is to comprehend it. Next you have to figure out what needs to be done. There are several ways to go about things but sometimes there are only a few appropriate ways to handle ...view middle of the document...

I like to take things apart and learn how to put them back together. I like to fix things just so I know I’m capable of doing it without having to ask for help. I rarely use confluence in my daily life. I try to be right the first time I do anything. I’m a stranger to taking risks because I’m terrified of failing. I’m not a free-thinker. I’m a black and white type of person. I believe that all of my patterns work well together because I have order in my life. I do feel like I could do better if I could intensify my use of confluence. An imagination at times could definitely come in handy when I’m remodeling my house, or just simply having a play day with my kids and looking for activities to keep us busy for an afternoon.
I think there are many benefits to having my combination of learning patterns. Sequence comes in especially handy when doing assignments because I am always fully aware of what is expected of me. I’m sure to read and re-read directions to I know exactly what I am to be doing. I keep everything in order so I don’t miss any key points that my instructor is wanting me to address. I use precision daily because I am repeatedly asking questions so I don’t miss out on anything important or overlook anything. I’m definitely one of those people who like to see the “A” written at the top of my paper after it is graded. That is motivation enough for me to keep going and trying my best. So far in this course I haven’t use technical reasoning very much. I did score use-first in this but I haven’t been required to do much pertaining to this learning pattern. I have been forced to use confluence when it came to the journal assignment and me talking about how I feel about a subject. I’m use to just writing down the information and leaving it at that, rather than me having to think back on something I’d like to change and how I plan to do it. Knowing what I know now about my learning patterns, I intend to make them work for me in unison. I may have to tether my use-first patterns a bit so my confluence can shine through, but I will surely find a way to make it happen to become a more intentional learner.

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