Conceptualization And Treatment Plan 1 Essay

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Counseling Project:
Conceptualization and Treatment Plan 1 Instructions

Below is the format you are to use for the Conceptualization and Treatment Plan 1 paper. The paper is about 8 pages, not counting title page, abstract, and references page. Current APA format is required. Everything is written in 3rd person except where designated below.

Title Page
Refer to your current APA manual for directions on formatting a title page. Be sure you include a running head, page number, paper title, your name, and the institution name (Liberty University). NOTE: your title and the running head need to include the name of the theory you are writing about in this paper.

Your abstract ...view middle of the document...

Detail is not needed, just a quick summary to remind the reader of these problems.

Second, write a short paragraph giving a synopsis about the three goals you also wrote about on the Case Summary and Presenting Problems paper. Again, detail is not needed, just a quick summary of the 3 goals that will be directing your interventions/techniques.

Third, based on the theory you chose above, you are to have a minimum of 3 different interventions/techniques pursuant to that theory. (NOTE: while Person-Centered Therapy does not have specific techniques, it does have 3 core conditions that are to use instead.) You must also clearly define each intervention from the other (i.e., write in 3 separate paragraphs with the name of the technique/intervention clearly shown in a level 2 heading [flush left and bold] in each paragraph, not just one long paragraph).

As you write about each intervention/technique, discuss how it helps to achieve one of your treatment goals. You need to then give at least 1 example of how you would use that technique with your client. Specifics always matter.

Use the current APA manual for the proper headings format (hint: see how the headings in bold have been used in the Sample Case Presentation.). First person is allowed here.

Spiritual Application (Phase 1)
(NOTE: You are to do this section regardless of if your client wants to receive Christian counseling at this...

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