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Concert Review Of Postcard In Morocco

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The opera Postcard from Morocco began with all of the characters walking busily across the stage. The story line is set of ordinary people, on an ordinary day, waiting for an ordinary train. In part a good opinion to sum performance of this opera up is, ordinary. It did have its high and low points that sent me to this conclusion. For starters I found the performance of the Duquesne contemporary ensemble to be magnificent. David Stock was the music director and guided the various musicians throughout the opera amazingly. Improvisation was used on many occasions, and the combination of call and response with the singers and musicians was great.

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When Owdom's character performed a great musical piece, and great example of how a soprano should sound, she turned the opera into a strip tease for the 15 minutes she was singing her solo. There were comments in the crowd from Grandmothers to Grandson's to close their eyes. Even though I felt this to be appropriate for an audience of her age, the elderly people and young folks in the crowd didn't appreciate this as much as they would of liked to.

The turning point that actually swayed my decision to stay and finish this opera about nothing, was the simple line "is that your hat boy" sung in harmony by all three females. Along with Owdom, Coker, a former standout in Hansel of Hansel and Gretel performed in North Carolina theatre last year and Gunlogson a performer with a B.A. in music from Indiana university of Pennsylvania, stole the show. The sweet sounds of harmony, polyphony and wide ranges of musical intervals really displayed un-humanlike qualities from all three females. The use of imitation was well practiced and the constant relief of strings from the composer was smooth yet powerful. I was impressed by the way these females could take the...

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