Conduct Disorder Essay

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Social and Multicultural Psychology
Christy Martin
University of Phoenix

Social Psychology is a branch of psychology that attempts to discover why people will still respond in certain ways when the presence of others is actual, implied or even imagined (Fiske 2010 p 4). Social psychologists look at how the environment affects how people behave. Many people believe that the behavior of others (and themselves) is related to how their personalities are structured. Social psychologists believe that this is not correct and that the environment can cause people to behavior in a certain way. This concept is called situationalism and this is the type of social phenomena that social ...view middle of the document...

They can be more precise than the other two methods in explaining or examining cause and effect relationships between or even multiple variables. There will be a control group that does not receive any type of manipulation and another group who will be subject to the independent variable. A great example of the experimental method is the use of caffeine on the study habits of college students. There would be a control group that would receive no caffeine and there study habits would be examined and documented and then a group that would receive caffeine and their study habits would be viewed and coded. This is a simple example but there is more to the experimental method then this paper covers, and some even test multiple independent and dependent variables at one time.
Another branch of psychology is multicultural psychology that studies the behavior of people who come from different cultural backgrounds when they come into contact with others (Lott 2010). Those who study multicultural psychology want to understand how people from different cultures...

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