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Conflict in Crash
Angie Losh
COM 200 Interpersonal Communication
Elissa Engel
November 19, 2012

There are many conflicts in Crash, along with interpersonal conflicts. There is one that stands out more than the rest. This conflict is between a mother played by Beverly Todd who is only credited as Grahams Mother, and her son Detective Graham Waters who is credited as Don Cheadle. The interpersonal conflict is one that does not seem to have an end in sight.
Don Cheadle’s character is one who has many problems with his family but does not share them with anyone even his partner, Jennifer Esposito credited as Rai. He is an African American man in a world and time where they got hardly any respect. Don played this role very well. Don’s character is not one for sharing his feeling with anyone. All his partner knows about his mother is about where she lives but has no idea what she is like and that she has a drug problem.
The mother played by Beverly is a drug user who only ...view middle of the document...

He helps her in side and she asks him twice to go find his brother. He says he will, but he has a case he is working on and does not have time to go find him.
As the movie goes on he tries to help her out but she does not want help she just wants her son home. Her son, Larenz Tate who plays Peter Waters, never comes home. He was always with his friend Ludacris who played Anthony (as Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges). They was best friends who done bad things but did not seem to get caught. They were just two boys who thought the world was out to get them because they are African American.
Around the end of the movie he finds his brother dead in a field. His mother is upset that he did not find his brother sooner, and alive. She tells him that his job is more important than his family. When he offers to take her home she gets upset and tell him she is staying with her son. She drives the provably knife in more when she tells him that her son stopped by before he got shot and dropper of some groceries for her. When really, she was too high to know that he came over with the groceries, to help her out. As he walked away she started crying and so did he knowing he let his mother and his brother down.
Don goes back to where his brother was found and finds his St. Peter figurine and holds it and keeps crying. He and his mother never talked about what was going on and how to fix the problems they have. They should have talked about what was going on and figured out how to deal with their issues with each other. Walking away never fixes anything, it just makes things worse.
Talking about the issues and figuring out a solution to them would be the best way to help this mother and son reconnect with each other. Sitting down and taking note about what happen that made them the way they are could be one way to try to fix things between them.

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