Conflict Creative Writing Essay

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Conflict creative writing:

Today’s the day we leave to go on holidays I’m so excited I’ve waited for this day to come since forever!!! It was 6:00 in the morning and my family and i had just woken up we were doing some last minute packing, getting ready for our holiday to some island I forgot the name but I was so excited, we haven’t been on a holiday in so long and everyone needed a break from school and work and this was going to be the best holiday ever.
The plane leaves at 11am and we would get to the island at 7pm so it was quiet a long flight but it should be worth it. As we put the last of the bags in the taxi we locked the door and were on our way to the airport.
As I was sitting there with anticipation they finally called for people to start ...view middle of the document...

“Sorry, young lady I didn’t mean to scare you” says the Buff guy.
I said it was fine and went back to my seat.
Sitting on my seat I was wondering what could possibly have of happened to have a guy like that on an aeroplane in handcuffs flying to one of the most peaceful places on earth.
I was tarting to doze of when I heard the flight attendant lady come announce over the speaker that we had another 3 hours left, I suddenly got excited again thinking of all the things that I was going to do when I got to that beautiful island.
Finally we land and my legs feel like jelly as I am getting of the plane, once everyone was off, that is when I saw the guy in the hand cuffs come off the plane we made the most unusual eye contact ever just staring into each others eyes. He didn’t look like a criminal he actually looked quiet innocent, they had escorted him into a police car and drove off I suddenly became interested in wanting to know what was going on there.
My mum was yelling at me she said I had to stay close because they need to check my luggage and all the usual procedures and that I must wonder of because we weren’t at home now we were on an island far from everyone.
We eventually get to our hotel room it is the most amazing thing you will veer see there is people running around having fun right on the ocean you can see the water which is bluer than the sky, it is some pretty amazing stuff. My mum lets me walk around the hotel as long as I’m back in an hour, I walk around taking in the view enjoying being away from everything from everyone finally have some time to myself where I can be alone and concetrate

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