Conflict Management Essay

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Conflict Management

Industrial organizations follow certain functional approaches; whether the organization is small or large, public or private sector to achieve the goals.

They are
❖ What goals must be established
❖ What means will be used for the conduct of the work
❖ Problems must be solved
❖ Decisions must be made
❖ Plans must be established
❖ Budgets must be prepared
❖ Responsibilities must be assigned and authority must be delegated. What needs are to be served.

All the tasks are involved in the Management of work. To perform all the above tasks, the Management has to split into two major Departments viz. – Line department ...view middle of the document...

❖ When a projects is unsuccessful it is the line people who are blamed and held responsible for its failure but when it is successful staff people receive credit.
2. Staff Department complains that
❖ Line people are generally ignorant and bull-headed. They resist new ideas.
❖ Staff has not enough authority to translate its advice into action
❖ Line Department receive preferential treatment in matter of allowances and other facilities on the basis that they are earning departments.
3. A conflict in organization is competition for scarce resources, such as budget funds, supplies, personnel and/or support service.
4. A conflict also arises from people having different view points, such conflicts are often about goals.
5. Conflict arises from our communication of our wants, needs and values to other. Sometimes we communicate clearly, but others have different needs. Sometimes we communicate poorly and conflict emerges because of others misunderstanding us.
6. Emotional conflict can be caused by people’s deep-seated personal feelings about one another. Emotions tend to last longer, difficult to control and harder to dissolve.
7. Disagreements over goals by setting up of objectives and sub-objectives in giving priorities and weightages to different objectives are most often at the base of conflict.

The result of conflict

1. Conflicts may undermine professionalism and lead to under-utilisation of organizational capacity / capability.
2. The most affected element in a group conflict is employee morale.
3. Although conflict is often a reflection of resistance by one party to innovation recommended by the other party, it may also be source of motivation or both parties to seek innovate solutions that will resolve conflicts in mutually satisfactory ways.
4. Conflicts are seen as inevitable in any organization. Absence of...

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