Conflict Management Styles Paper

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Conflict Management Styles Paper
Mary Weyer

Conflict Management Styles Paper
Conflict happens in life. The way one responds to conflict will limit or enable their success. If one has the right tools to understand the conflict, they will understand their conflict patterns and will have the power to make more effective choices when they are confronted by conflict. One’s personal conflict management style will have an effect on how they handle work management conflict. In this paper I will discuss types of conflict management styles, my personal conflict management style and my work’s conflict management style.
Types of Conflict Management
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Using this style works on a complex issue that needs a unique solution. This is a chance for everyone’s ideas to be heard. The downfall of this style is that one has to have a high amount of trust and agreeing on an idea or solution could take time and effort from everyone involved to get them to agree with the ideas.
Competing is approaching conflicts is based on win or lose approach. One would be asserting their way or idea of reaching the goals, does not see others point of view as being a possible solution, and could be at the expense of others. Competing style may be idea in emergency situations when there is not time to consider others ideas or inputs, action on issue needs to be quick and decisive, and the others know of and supports this approach.
Compromising is approaching conflicts on lose, lose scenario where no one reaches their goals. This style needs some assertiveness and cooperation. Compromising could be a good for a temporary solution or the goals of everyone are equally important. It is an easy way out (Source of Insight, 2011).
Sources of Conflict
Sources can come from several different things. Goals may cause conflict due to the priorities placed on them or are not shared by others. Personality can cause conflicts in that there could be no chemistry between individuals or one has not figured out the other person. Resources can cause conflict when there is not much resource for issues and people have to compete for the resources to obtain their goals. Styles can cause conflict in that people communicate and think in different ways which could be opposite from the other person. The values people place on issues could be different thus causing conflict.
Workplace Conflict Management Styles
Depending which department one is working the style may vary. One department has a very headstrong supervisor who believes his way is the best and is very resistant to accepting suggestions from others. It is as if he is competing for being the one with the best solution for any issue that may arise throughout the day. So, we have come up with a way of communicating things that we would like to see happen or implemented in such a way that he believes that he has come up with the idea. We are willing to allow him to take credit for things just to keep the peace. In another department we confront issues through collaboration. We meet, discussing ideas, researching which would be the best...

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