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Conflict Resolution And Bully Prevention Essay

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Article Summary:
“Conflict Resolution and Bully Prevention: Skills for School Success
Columbia College
June 26, 2010

This article discussed conflict resolution and bully prevention in school settings. Both are very important topics today in our present day schools. Bullying has become a common occurrence at many schools. According to the article, a survey of more than fifteen hundred students found that approximately 20% reported being a victim of bullying and 20% considered themselves to be a bully (Heydenberk, Heydenberk, & Tzenova 55). About one out of ten students reported having been threatened or injured at school and 5% indicated that they had absences due to safety concerns ...view middle of the document...

Social interaction and self-efficacy have been argued to be inherent in humans. The article also states that, “there is abundant evidence that problem-solving skill development, self-efficacy, and social responsibility are essential to students’ academic and social success” (Heydenberk, Heydenberk, & Tzenova 58).
The study in this article was conducted in two suburban schools, within the same school district, near Philadelphia. In a two year study, 673 elementary students participated in a bully prevention program that included seven training sessions introducing affective vocabulary, social and emotional literacy, and conflict resolution skills. The treatment groups were third and fourth grade students. Treatment groups showed statistically significant gains on the conflict resolution subscale of the standardized instrument used. The comparison groups included third and fifth grade students from the same schools who did not participate in the conflict resolution program. No gains were found in the comparison groups. A decrease in bullying and an increased sense of safety were indicated from student and staff questionnaire responses. During both years, all except one...

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