"Conflicting Notions Of Belonging May Exist" Explain Your Interpretation Of This Quote, And How It Is Demonstrated In Two Of Peter Skrzynecki's Poems

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"Conflicting notions of belonging may exist" Explain your interpretation of this quote, and how it is demonstrated in two of Peter Skrzynecki's poems.

Conflicting notions of belonging may exist when an individual is exposed to different situations depending on the social context of the era in which the individual is exposed to. In the poems “10 Mary Street” and “St Patrick’s College”, Skrzynecki employs the use of language techniques and personal experience to demonstrate the notion that conflicting notions of belonging may exist when an individual attempts to create a connection to a particular location, person or object.

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Time connectives are often used throughout both poems, along with the common feature that both tittles are named after locations, establishing a connection between both poems even though conflicting notions of belonging exists in both poems. "For eight years, I walked Strathfields' paths and streets, playing chasings up and down", "Above, unchanged by eight years weather" and also "Luceat Lux Vesta, I thought that was a brand of soap. Through the use of poetic devices such as time connectives, symbolism and first person view, a sense of sympathy and empathy is created for the reader as the author is oblivious to the proceedings of on goings of the school, believing that the school motto was some sort of soap brand, whereas in actuality meaning "let your light shine". The use of time connectives once again emphasises the lengthy and tedious task of attending school, and being chased by his pupils due to his culture, exemplifying the level of Skrzynecki's isolation and alienation. "Above, unchanged by eight years weather" is symbolic of how after eight years of schooling, the author's views and perspectives of belonging into Australian society have not changed, nor has he achieved and sustained a sophisticated level of education, emphasising the lack of change in his life. Due to his surroundings and prejudices of those around him, conflicting notions of belonging exist in comparison to the author's strong sense of belonging and connection to his garden in "10 Mary Street"

"10 Mary Street", similarly titled in homage of a location, is a text which primarily focuses on Skrzynecki's belonging to his home and more specifically his garden of nineteen years, connection to Polish Australians and keeping Polish traditions and cultural practices relevant in society, furthermore depicting the idea that conflicting notions of belonging may exist depending on surroundings, time period, context and things of this nature. Through the use of time connectives such as "For nineteen years" and also "Back at 5 p.m." create a connection between both poems, even though Conflicting notions of belonging exist between both poems. The author now feels as if he belongs at home in his garden, due to the fact that he had devised a routine which was not generic and dull to him, but enjoyable and worthwhile. A connection is created between both poems, through the use of contrast and...

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