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Conflicts Essay

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Conflicts go on every day in the world some small and some large and they are from various sources. Conflicts usually arise from one of the following goals, personalities, resources, styles, and values. Everyone knows for over the last 10 years or so we have been in a conflict with the Middle East because of just about every one of the different reasons I mentioned. I believe we all can ironically agree that every one of those reasons is the truth. We all have personal conflict with individuals from time to time as well as those professional conflicts that sometimes never really get resolved or resolved the way we would like them to. Conflict has been going on for centuries and as long as ...view middle of the document...

The problem is it’s not just as simple as firing someone that hold government position as it would be in the civilian sector.

My boss tried filing a complaint on her boss with the Inspector General (IG) on base on the grounds of he was out to get her. She basically said she did it for the engineers that worked for the Chief of Engineering, which is my bosses’ boss. This basically became the new office gossip, the laugh in town so to speak and was just a mess. All of the people in my section were interviewed by the IG that worked directly under her. This complaint did nothing for her but backfire on her as we were asked about our boss and her boss. I can’t speak for all of the people in my section, but it sounded like we were all in agreement and on the same page when we all spoke to the IG. I was asked about conflicts that may or may not be going on and like always I gave my brutally honest and candid take on the dynamic of the work center. I told him that I believe that there is a huge personality conflict, but at the same time the Section Chief of Engineering is going around and bashing my boss. I was upfront about the fact that I get told more than I want to know about her opinion of her boss. I was asked about her duties and training we receive and I told him that it is nonexistent and that there is no training. These are all things that her boss is trying to hold her accountable for, but says he is out to get her. The problem is that she has been left alone and not been held accountable for years and her hatred from the past for her now boss has triggered on this conflict going on. Many months have went by with nothing really changing or happening since then except for the same old talks we get drug into about her hatred about her boss.
Senior management ask for the IG to come and investigate the complaint my boss took out on her boss. I have heard ramblings and grumblings around that senior management knows about her unethical behavior and poor work ethic. My sense was that they called for the investigation so they were dotting following protocol and to create a paper trail for possible removal at some point if they had enough ammunition. My boss has used her position far too long and her subordinates that work for her have...

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