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Conflicts Professional Interest Frequently Arises In The Working Environment Of An Engineer

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Comparison between Medical image processing methods
1.0 introduction

To start with, the aim of this paper is to investigate and compare between methods and materials for medical image processing that been used in proposing or producing a new models in the fields of medical imaging.
Then, among all the papers and research articles that published we select tow to assist in our finding the difference and comparison. The first paper is titled as “Validation of Medical Image Processing in Image-guided Therapy “and the second paper is titled “Validation of Medical Image Processing” as for different researchers and years.
Medical imaging is one of our most powerful tools for gaining ...view middle of the document...

Significant progress has been made on IGT system validation recently. Today almost all peer-reviewed publications reporting on the development of new medical image processing methods include a validation section, but this was not always true in the past.
IGT system validation is a special case of health care technology assessment (HCTA). Goodman defines the HCTA as the “process of examining or evaluating and reporting properties, effects and/or impact of a medical technology”. Goodman divides this process into the following steps: 1) identify assessment topics, 2) clearly specify assessment problem or question (i.e. assessment objective), 3) determine locus of assessment, 4) retrieve available evidence, 5) collect new primary data, 6) interpret evidence, 7) synthesize evidence, 8) formulate findings and recommendations, 9) disseminate findings and recommendations, 10) monitor impact.

The importance of validation in medical image processing
Validation of medical image processing methods is required to understand and highlight the intrinsic characteristics and behavior of a method, to evaluate performance and limitations, and eventually to compare these performances with different methods. Validation may also examine the clinical efficacy of a procedure, and estimate its social or economic impact. Consequently, validation helps to clarify the potential clinical applications that a method may serve. Validation of a method is important clinically because a method must not impair the interpretation capability of the clinician by rendering an image that contains too many artifacts or present the data in way that is not interpretable by the clinician.

2.0 methodolgy
The methodology used in both papers is different. For first paper the method used are
The main categories of requirements concerning validation include: standardization of validation methodology, design of validation data sets and validation metrics
A. Standardization of validation methodology
Actual validation methodologies lack standardization. Without standardization it remains difficult to compare the performance of different methods or systems and even occasionally to really understand the results of a validation process. Standardization is also required to perform Meta analysis.

Characterization of image processing methods
Common characterization of image processing methods allows describing any method in a generic and standardized fashion from the main characteristics of its process. It begins with a standardized description of the process’s components.

B. Validation data sets
Some of the most commonly mentioned requirements about validation concern the design of validation data sets, their classification into main families according to the access to the ground truth, and their dissemination through the community. Four main types of validation data sets can be distinguished from absolute ground...

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