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Congo Genocide Essay

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“Africa doesn’t need strong men, it needs strong institutions” was stated by President Barack Obama when he spoke to the people of Ghana on July 11,2009. He emphasized that Africans must own their future by strengthening democratic institutions and rule of law in their countries. Lack of past and present institutions in the countries of Africa has resulted in tyranny and crimes against humanity. The Genocide of the Democratic Republic of the Congo was an event that took place due to the lack of institutions. Genocide is defined as being the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group. But for the people of the Congo this is unfortunately all they ...view middle of the document...

The Rwandan Genocide was a direct cause of the turmoil in the Democratic of the Congo. The Hutu people were recognized as the ethic majority of Rwanda, while the Tutsi’s were looked down upon as the foreign race. The Tutsi’s wanted power to be shared between the two ethic groups but the Hutus refused. Hundreds of thousands of Tutsi were massacred by the Hutu. The genocide ended when the Hutu government was overthrown by the Tutsi who dominated the Rwandan Patriotic Front. During the Rwandan genocide it was noted that the presence of an international super power was absent, which was disturbing especially because it was a crime against humanity.
In result of the Hutu government being overthrown by the Tutsi, more than two million Hutu people fled from Rwanda into the Democratic Republic of the Congo fearing and trying their best to avoid the act of retaliation against them by their now Tutsi dominated government. These Hutu that were now entering the Congo were also the same who committed the genocide against the Tutsi. Mobutu’s government soon allied with the newly migrated Rwandan Hutu and began to carry out attacks against the ethnic population of Tutsi in the Congo. Mobutu’s continuous support of the Hutu militants led to the ethic uprising Rwanda Tutsi government that invaded the Congo massacring both Hutu militants and the Congolese troops. Before invading the Congo, Paul Kagame, who was the president of Rwanda at the time, got the right away from the United States government. The U.S supported Kagame’s regime out of guilt from not intervening during the Rwanda genocide where his people, the Tutsis, were massacred.
The Democratic of Congo later overthrown by the Tutsi’s militants, and President Laurent Kabila was inducted but he failed to control the Hutu militia who were constantly trying to regain power. To help manage his rule he asked his neighbors Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Angola, but instead all fought and battled over the rich natural resources of the land while women were raped, and people killed.
For 125 years, the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have been dehumanized. Rape has been used as a weapon of war, and since then the Congo has been known as the rape capital of the world. Women and young girls have been raped by opposing rebel groups in...

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