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Connecting Gilbert Immune To Reality With Martha Stout When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday

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101: Expos, Sec 17
Paper 5 Rough Draft

April 10th 2012.

The human brain is extremely complex and fragile that, a little trigger can impact its functioning. Certain situations such as stress, and trauma impacts the brain to act in an uncharacteristic manner. Martha Stout explains how the little triggers impact on the brain and thus causes it to dissociate from reality in one of her works entitled “When I woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday”. She further explains how this compensate the brain to cope with the traumatic experiences. She elaborates on Dementia ...view middle of the document...

Despite its drawbacks, she still uses it to cope rather than turning to unhelpful behavior. Lila escaped the stress and overwhelming stimulations by dissociating, so no matter how ‘awful’ dissociation was to her, it ultimately became her defense mechanism. Gilbert uses several instances by which the defense mechanism provided a real relief from negative circumstances. “The psychological immune system is a defensive system, and it obeys the same principles. When experiences makes us feel sufficiently unhappy, the psychological immune system cooks facts and shifts blame in order to offer us a more positive view” ( Gilbert 139). When one is going through a negative experience, the person is likely to dwell more on the problem forgetting the existence of real life. This experience is so debilitating that; the defense mechanism quickly makes positive view of the situation and thus making the person more relaxed. Carr showcases this phenomenon by describing how people indulge in search engines as the primary source of information seeking due to its quick and fast way of providing that information. In essence, people escape the pain of reading through books and articles to seek information’s. Search engines have been used to do away with the stress of reading and understanding.
Changes in the brain are the results of overworking or exposing the brain to stressful life events. Stout provides a detailed description of how traumatic exposure affects the brain by reacting in different ways. “ For trauma changes the brains itself…misreact – to the current realities of life” ( Stout 382). Exposure to trauma may create enough changes in the brain to sensitize people to overreact. Traumatic experiences can have a lasting effect on the brain and behavior of many healthy individuals and can even cause mental problems. “ Gilbert is a good example of Stout. Gilbert provides an instance whereby the attitudes of others have the propensity of instilling fear and other negative reactions in other people’s life’s.” Because when volunteers were asked to predict their emotional reactions to rejection, they imagined its sharp sting. Period. They did not go on to imagine how their brains might try to relieve that sting” (Gilbert 137). Those aggravating things that go wrong in the day and those irritating things that go bump in the night – disrupting routines and interrupting sleep – all have a cumulative effect on your brain, especially its ability to remember and learn. Carr on the other hand explains how the brain is able to adjust itself when experiencing negative things.“ The brain” according to Olds, “ has the ability to reprogram itself on the fly, altering the way it functions” ( Carr 70). When the brain is overworked or over stressed, it causes it not to function properly. This causes change in behavior until the brain find ways of adapting and changing itself.
People are ignorant of what is happening around them because they have been...

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