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Connecting Isaac Newton With Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity

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Connecting Isaac Newton with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
Isaac Newton was perhaps the most influential scientist of all time; Newton (1642-1727) took the current theories on astronomy a step further and formulated an accurate comprehensive model of the workings of the universe based on the law of universal gravitation. Newton explained his theories in the 1687 revolutionary work called simply the Principia. This work also went a long way toward developing calculus as well. Albert Einstein, most famously known as a physicist, was a contributor to the scientific world with his many known researches and humanitarian work.   As a Nobel Prize Winner in 1921, his chronicled and more important ...view middle of the document...

.. and so the field was ripe for a new interpretation when Einstein came along developing the General Relativity Theory which was more accurate than Newton's.
The great greatest influence Einstein is credited with is due to the implications of relativity as a concept beyond science. While Einstein’s work did create new branches of study in physics and revolutionize astronomy, the impact on daily life, philosophy, and society are much more important. It is through the aftermath of his two theories on relativity that Einstein has truly raised to fame. Einstein's postulates regarding relativity challenged much of the way traditional science had viewed certain physical aspects of the universe. Put simply, he stated that the laws of physics (and science) are the same for all observers, regardless of their speed, and that the speed of light was constant for all observers, regardless of their speed. Einstein’s theories of relativity have not only affected our daily lives in such basic ways as how we heat our homes, reach our destinations, and measure our days. His theories of relativity were used by philosophers, politicians, and activists to turn moral philosophy upside-down. Another societal...

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