Connection Between Hollywood Films And Increasing Violence

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Background: People love watching movies because the movie’s vividness and intensity, these movies provide people to be unparalleled in contemporary culture. People could forget the pressure or problems from reality when they are watching movies. In fact, we can define that Hollywood films could be as a mirror to reflect the whole society. They have examined the ways in which themes developed in the movies sometimes reveal or verify shifts in the public’s interests, hopes, and fears. Next, I will argue that there is connection between Hollywood films and increasing violence, by three parts: the impact on children, teenagers and adults. First of all, observation of violent Hollywood films ...view middle of the document...

A six-year-old boy wearing a turtle costume stabbed a friend in the arm for not returning a borrowed toy; 2. Three-year-old boy picked up the family cat and swung it around his head like a Turtle hero wielding a weapon.

Secondly, teenagers, (13-19) could imitate actions watched in Hollywood films. Teenagers would not control themselves perfectly so that their mind would affect by films easily. Over the past two decades, Hollywood has specialized in violent action films. For example, the film "Seven". In seven, the film provides few scenes of actual violence, such as the detailed depictions of decomposing bodies.

However, there are also some spiritual lessons that teenagers would learn from Hollywood films. For example, the movie “Forrest Gump”. Teenagers may learn something from it. Such as, whatever you clever or not, the most important thing is you are honest, keep faith and never give up.

Thirdly, Hollywood films which contain violence would influence behavior of adults, who are normally over 21. Bruder (cited in Roten 2001) argues that violence in films can be viewed as a new ways of thinking about the society, and those who criticize such violence in movies simply don't understand this new language of film. However, Prince (2003: 286) states that the films which contain violence do desensitize adults to real violence. Prince provide a vivid metaphor to explain his point, he explains that movie violence is like eating salt. The more you eat, the more need...

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