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Consequences Of War Essay

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Consequences of War
Some could say that war doesn't have consequences, but I would say otherwise. War can take a toll not just on the solider who fought, but for that soliders family, animals, the Earth and even the country in which he/she fought for. Glenna, Dao, and S.M Enzler state some fierce facts on how there are consequences of war.
Tinney Glenna , wrote "The Consequences of War: A Veterans Story." During her article, she explains how war effected her as the daughter of a solider and as a Navy social worker. As well as, how it affected her father. Tinney Glenna's father did two tours during the Korean War. She explains that after her father returned he was not the same. He suffered from PTSD, depression, and even became an alcholic. She states, "Some of these veterans are becoming involved ...view middle of the document...

S. combat forces are coming down with canine PTSD." "Of those, about half are likely to be retired from service, Burghardt said." He also stated, "The number of working dogs on active duty has risen to 2,700, from 1,800 in 2001, and the training school headquartered at Lackland has gotten busy, preparing about 500 dogs a year." He goes on to say; "Like humans with the analogous disorder, different dogs show different symptoms. " "Some become hypervigilant, others avoid buildings/work areas that they had previously been comfortable in. " "Some undergo sharp changes in temperament, becoming unusually aggressive with their handlers, or clingy and timid." "Most crucially, many stop doing the tasks they were trained to perform." These animals are innocent an just like humans, they do not deserve to be put through this horror.
War also effects the enviroment as well. S.M Enzler states “Warfare is inherently destructive of sustainable development. States shall therefore respect international law providing protection for the environment in times of armed conflict and cooperate in its further development, as necessary.” – 1992 Rio Declaration. In which, many should realize and should condone this practice. Especially, when it comes to chemcial warfare, bombs, etc. In October 2001, the United States attacked Afghanistan as a starting chapter of the ‘War on terrorism’, which still continues today. Afghanistan once consisted of major forests watered by monsoons. During the war, Taliban members illegally trading timber in Pakistan destroyed much of the forest cover. US bombings and refugees in need of firewood destroyed much of what remained. Less than 2% of the country still contains a forest cover today.
Glenna, Dao, and S.M Enzler state some fierce facts on how there are consequences of war. There is no denying that there are consequences of war after reading each of their arguments and creating my own argument.

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