Consequences To Conformity, Compliance And Obedience Pertaining To Social Pressure

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Consequences To Conformity, Compliance and Obedience Pertaining to Social Pressure

Social Influence and Groups
"Social influence is the process by which the actions of an individual or group affect the behavior of others" (Feldman, 2013). Many people know from their own experiences the undeniable pain, as well as changes in behavior, that is experienced by submitting to these type pressures, that otherwise, never would have resulted. Social pressures cause people to conform, comply, and obey. Furthermore, these actions and behaviors can have severe negative affects to our personal relationships, which will be address in the following paragraphs.
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An example can be demonstrated in the movie based on a true story, "A Walk To Remember", by Nicolas Sparks. In the story, Landon is very comfortable in his peer group of friends, who were known as the popular kids at school. However, because of the social pressure in the group, Landon ended up getting into trouble and was assigned to be in the school play as punishment. As he rehearsed, he realized he wasn't good at acting and sought to be tutored by Jaime, who was considered to be a social outcast. After being around her and getting to know who she truly was, Landon fell in love. Since he realized that his peers would never accept Jamie, he tried to suppress his feelings and would act like he didn't know her. However, in the end, he decided that his peer group wasn't as important as his feelings for her, thus decided to be true to himself. Although Landon was from a broken home, he had a strong relationship with his mother, who seemed to have a strong influence over him. Many times people do not have these personal influences and therefore, lack the strength to break away. In turn, they miss out on meaningful personal relationships that could help them in their life. After all, Landon said that because of his relationship with Jamie, his life was saved.
Compliance: Submitting to Direct Social Pressure
Another form of social pressure, is compliance, which is the act of complying with a wish, request or demand (, 2013). Compliance can be a good thing and is sometimes mandatory for our safety, and wellbeing, such as safety rules at work or school. However, when compliance is a direct demand to satisfy social pressure, it can quickly result in negative behavior. As a result, this behavior often takes away from personal identity, along with other negative consequences. For example, a person, who complies with everything and everyone is known as a "people pleaser". This type of compliance is very destructive and can damage self, health, as well as personal relationships. Many times people pleasers comply with the wishes and demands of others in order to prove their own self worthiness. "They strive to make themselves lovable by becoming for others whatever they think might be wanted from them"(Seltzer, 2008). Sadly, this type compliance has a superficial view, in which becoming a "human doormat" to others actually helps "the pleaser" to feel more secure and will alleviate social anxieties. However, overtime, the opposite reactions takes place, such as loss of integrity, identity, self-respect and self-esteem; constant self criticism, insecurities, shame and guilt (Seltzer, 2008). In addition, a person will finally grow resentful and tired of catering to ever demand and will eventually explode on the other person, especially to close friends and family, who they have grown accustomed to pleasing and feeling enslaved to. Unfortunately, it is too late. They have taught the other person, such as a spouse, how to treat them over a...

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