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Conservative Or Liberal Essay

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English 1101
20 Sept. 2008

Unfortunately, many people in today’s society are extremely ignorant to the basic knowledge of politics. They have no idea whether they are a conservative or a liberal. There is also a good chance that they have put little thought into formulating views on the controversies between the parties. Before people are able to even do those things they must first know what a conservative is and how they are differ from liberals.
A conservative party is a political group that is committed to preserving what they consider “good” in their country. In the United States, conservatives generally favor limited government, public morality and free enterprise. They are usually right wing politicians who hold traditional values like respect for family. Conservatives tend to be very ...view middle of the document...

Simply put liberals think that the government should take care of the people and conservatives believe that people can take care of themselves. Liberals think that the solution to a problem is just another government program; however, conservatives describe the government as inefficient, wasteful, and power hungry. Conservatives also believe in the right to bear arms unlike liberals who think that they can prevent crime by taking arms away from citizens. Most conservatives believe in god, so naturally most liberals are hostile to Christianity. Both parties also have two opposing models of a family. The conservative world view is that of a strict male father. The liberal view is a very different ideal, the nurturing parent model.
. The word liberal comes from the Latin liber which means free, not slave. It is also associated with the word "liberty" and the concept of freedom. Conservative simply comes from the word conservativus meaning to conserve. The meaning of these words and the representation that they are given in today’s society are no longer the same. Now when these terms are mentioned they are quickly followed by an afterthought associated with pure greediness.
It is interesting to me how people still think that dividing America into two main groups is possible. The proof is right there on the table. Just look at all of the people who struggle from one side to the other only to wind up in the middle. Initially conservatives and liberals differed greatly from each other; however, I think that most people today would agree that everyone can be classified in one way or another as a liberal. These terms are now used mainly as ways to try and label people. In today’s society it more important than ever that we become more knowledgeable about the subject of politic so that we may be able to make informed decisions about our views and beliefs.

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