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Consider The Theme Of Loneliness In The Novel Of Mice And Men. How

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Consider The Theme Of Loneliness In The Novel Of Mice And Men. How
Does It Affect The Characters?

I will be looking at the theme of loneliness, how it effects the
characters, how the scenes roll in with what's happening etc.

When you read about George and Lennie you realise that they have a
history. You think that they are a perfect pair. One is smart,
aggressive, quick and looks out for the other (George) while the other
one (Lennie) is slow, dumb, big, strong, kind, caring and needs to be
looked out for. They fit together like a jigsaw.

George and Lennie are the main characters and they are the only ones
with the biggest dream - to get a big house with rabbits. That's what ...view middle of the document...

He's also short tempered, as he gets agitated very
easily, usually at Lennie. I think that the reason why George is so
frustrated is because he has to put up with Lennie's stupidity all the
time, which would make anyone frustrated.

I guess you could call George friendly because he made friends with
all of the people at the ranch except for Curley and his wife. He
didn't make friends with them because being friends with them would
cause trouble. That's a smart thing and being smart is another quality
of George's personality.

I think that by making George the opposite of Lennie, Steinbeck is
trying to show how hard and lonely life is and so you need to take the
first opportunity you are given of having a friend. I don't think
George particularly likes Lennie when he says, "you crazy bastard" and
the other offensive remarks he says to him, but he has to put up with
him because he keeps him company.

I wouldn't describe Lennie as the sharpest knife in the rack but he
sure does make up for it in his strength. He has the strength of about
three average men! He's quite often described as an animal, whether it
is a bear ("the way a bear drags its paws") or a dog (when he's
treated when George says, "Give it here!" like an owner would shout at
his dog). I think what Steinbeck is trying to say when he describes
Lennie is that he's tough but he only uses his strength for good.
Steinbeck says that he's a fierce animal so you picture a big strong

The other thing, or catch, of his personality is his disability. As I
said before, he's not the sharpest tool in the box; actually he's
incredibly stupid! He has trouble understanding things and needs
George to explain but he gets is eventually. I think that by making
Lennie stupid was Steinbeck's way of introducing answers to questions.
For example:

"Where we goin', George?" That's where George would respond with the
answer, which would start to tell the story of what they are doing.

Steinbeck can also use Lennie's intelligence problem to make him the
opposite of George which makes them fit together.

Lennie also has the problem of acting a bit childish. He loves to
stroke anything soft, which some people do, but he goes over the top
and it sometimes gets him into trouble (killing Curley's wife while
stroking her hair and the girl in the red dress in Weed). It doesn't
stop there though, he gets very excited over little things, like the
ripples in a pool bouncing off of the edges of the pool with "long
gulps, snorting into the water like a horse". (Once again he's
described as an animal). I think that Steinbeck describes Lennie as
childish to show how acting like a child doesn't mean that you haven't
got a few bursts of frustration left.

The last problem with Lennie is that near to the end of the story, his
built up anger and frustration become unleashed in a manner of hurt
and death. As soon as he hurts Curley I think that he realises how it
feels to...

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